Friday Five

TGIF! I can't believe another weekend is here already. Despite spending most of the week inside with a sick toddler the week still went by fast!  We have a really busy weekend ahead of us trying to cram in everything we need to do before baby #2 makes his appearance!

Here are five things on my mind this Friday:

1. The Neighbors
We watched The Neighbors last weekend after everyone recommended it to us.  I will say that shirtless Zac Efron was delicious to look at but I didn't really find it as funny as I thought I would. It was definitely funny but people made it sound like it was the funniest movie they saw this year which I wouldn't agree with.  Have you seen it? What did you think?

2. The Whole 30
Has anyone tried The Whole 30?  Kyle and I really need to clean up our diets. We've been so bad lately. We eat a lot of sugar and being busy and exhausted has us turning to too much processed foods or take out.  We've been thinking about trying The Whole 30 (might be too strict) or a Paleo diet to jump start us back into eating healthy and clean again. In general we're pretty healthy eaters and enjoy working out but could use a little jump start. I don't really know if I believe the hype behind some of these diet methods since a new program comes out every few years "That will change your life" so I would love to hear from personal experiences.  Has anyone tried either of these? Have any advice?

3. The Lob
I am finally getting my hair done next week. I'm going to a new girl that a bunch of my girlfriends love so I had to wait forever to get an appointment but I'm really excited!  I originally planned to keep it long to let it grow out more but now I'm considering getting a Lob, or long bob.  I don't really want a major cut but I'm kind of in a hair rut so a change might be nice.
Here are some inspiration photos:

4. The Affair
Is anyone else watching The Affair on Showtime?  We watched it this week and are totally hooked! I'm loving seeing the story from two point of views  and can't wait to see what happens.

5. Pottery Barn Cambria Dinnerware
The dinnerware we received for our wedding (5 yrs ago) is in such bad shape. Pretty much every plate and bowl has a chip in it and it looks awful.  Plus it no longer matches our new kitchen.  I've been eying the Cambria set from Pottery Barn in stone because I've heard good things about Pottery Barn dinner wear and I love how neutral and simple this is. Does anyone have PB dinnerware? Does it hold up?

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Do the lob! It will look great on you! We were thinking of renting the Neighbors this weekend but Josh wasn't feeling it. We loosely stick to "clean eating" which is the basis behind all of the diets. It helps for the most part, but you also need to treat yoself and indulge in some butter, sugar and cheese from time to time!

  2. Holy hell the affair is a SHOW? I probably was watching half brained but when i saw the previews I thought it was a movie. I'm gonna start now! And I'm getting my hair done pronto as well. The blonde is costing too much so I'm requesting a more honey color or lightish brown worked in since I know my money is going to be spent on diapers and daycare soon. HA!

  3. I love Showtime so much! I just heard that Ray Donovan is over? I can't even think about that! Those plates look amazing! My sister has a Pottery Barn set and they have held up really well! I definitely want to see that movie! Thanks so much for linking up!!

  4. I like how neutral the dinner ware is!

  5. I thought Neighbors was pretty funny, but really just wanted to see Zak Efrom without his shirt... let's be honest! I love the long bob/Lob look!! You should definitely try it! We got our dishes from Crate & Barrel and though we've only been married for a year, they have held up pretty well. I think they say to not get anything ceramic or stoneware because it chips easier? I believe ours are Porcelain?

  6. I saw snippets of The Affair and I agree - seeing it from both sides is amazing!! I'm with you - the neighbors was so disappointing!! Hope you try the lob, it'll look great on you!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. The lob would be cute! I have the Emma dishes from Pottery Barn and they have been good to us.

  8. Love the Affair! I'm hooked so far :)

  9. One of my friends just did the Whole30 and she lost 7 in from her waist! She blogs at thepineapplecake.com, you should definitely check it out!

    I am right there with needing a new dish set, every time I see our dishes, I hate them a little more.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. the lob is my favorite hair cut!! dooo it! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. New haircut, yay! :) I love those dishes, so pretty!

  12. Just celebrated my 3 year anniversary and my PB bowls are chipping..I think we have the Great White Traditional. I haven't had any problems with our plates, and everything still looks great. I think the bowls chips from stacking. But they're cheap, so eh whatever. I'll keep replacing with a new set until I can convince my husband to complete or Juliska set :)

  13. I am in the need of a trim - but, I'm so afraid that I'm going to lose the length - I'm just a pain about getting it done... but, I made a promise to myself to make hair maintenance a regular thing.

    Ok - I would totally watch the Neighbors movie - but my husband is totally not into it - SOOOOO I may have to rent it on demand when he isn't home - I have a feeling it won't be as funny as I hear either. But, since you have relieved me that it is - humorous - I won't feel so bad about renting it.

  14. YES - loving The Affair also and need to see last week's episode or whatever the most recent one (2nd one) is. So fascinating but so annoying my husband walked in half-way and wanted to know what's going on. #deepbreaths. You'd look awesome with a lob - go for it, girl! Happy weekend :)

  15. I'm so sad we don't have Showtime right now. I am a huge Homeland addict and now I've been seeing a lot of good feedback on The Affair. I think I'd like it. As for the Whole 30, I was just reading from Sarah at Tucker Up about her experience. You can learn a lot on her blog plus I'm sure there are tons more out there. Also, Morgan from P&P has done Paleo and I know she could give you a lot of feedback. I love all those inspiration pictures of the Lob too.

  16. I love the lob and plan to so one in a few months - after my sister gets married. I love them, it would look great on you! I haven't heard of the whole 30, but completely understand about feeling yucky about what you're eating. I feel like we go through times where we're really good and others where we slip.

  17. The lob!!!?! Brilliant. Obsessed. Now I want to request it when I go in next! xx

  18. We've been recording The Affair but we haven't had time to watch it. Are you watching How to get away with Murder? It's been so good!


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