Friday Five: What I've been Pinning Lately

TGIF!! I feel like the weeks are just flying by lately. I can't believe it's Friday again.  I have a feeling it's going to be like this until I have this baby boy since my to-do list just keeps growing.

Since I've had the nesting bug so bad I've been pinning like crazy!  If you don't follow me yet on Pinterest you can follow here. Here are some things on my mind lately:

1. DIY Burlap Wreath
I actually made this last night and it's much easier than I expected it to be! There was definitely a small learning curve but once I got the hang of it I went fast. The wreath only took about 30 minutes to make now I just need to add some fall embellishments.

2. Asparagus Spinach-Pesto Pasta with Blackened Shrimp-
I've been on a huge pesto kick and a huge shrimp kick so I was looking for a way to combine the two and this sounds so delicious. I might have to give it a try this weekend.

3. This room
I am loving this neutral space. It just feels so clean and light to me. I think all the baby gear and baby toys are making me crave clean white spaces

4. Nursery Bookshelves

I'm working on doing these picture frame ledges for the new nursery and here are just a few of my inspiration pictures.  I love the look of this and have a perfect spot. Plus I think it will be good for entertaining Miller when we're hanging out in there with baby boy #2

5. This Outfit
How much do you love this outfit? It's simple, chic, and perfect for fall.  

What have you been pinning lately?

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  1. Aw one of the things I'm definitely looking forward to come baby time is a great reading space with tons of classic books. That will be so cute for Miller to enjoy too like you said. Post your wreath - I'd love to see how it turned out! Have a great weekend :)

  2. ohh i want the pesto sooo bad!! and i LOVE the idea of shelves like that for a nursery! so practical! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Those shelves are so cute! That pasta looks amazing, I want some now!

  4. I'm so hungry right now, and that pasta has my mouth watering, I love pesto! And I've been wanting to try making a burlap wreath.. so cute!

  5. Those booties are so perfect! And I am attempting a DIY wreath this weekend,so you have given me hope!

  6. I'm loving that outfit!! Im really impressed that you made a burlap wreath and can't wait to see pics when it's all fall ready. I'd love to try something like that! I love the clean line of the book ledges - much neater than a bookshelf!

  7. Love the baskets in that room, and that outfit is perfection!


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