Thoughts for Thursday: Master Bedroom- Work in Progress

One suggestion from quite a few of  you was a house tour.  I think most of us are nosy (I know I am) and dying to see into other people's houses!  I've been wanting to share our house but I always worry that it isn't "perfect" or styled correctly.  I'm coming to realize that it might never be "perfect" and I thought it would be fun to share our progress with you as we re-decorate/renovate.

As most of you know we renovated our kitchen last January then our deck in the spring and we've been pretty quiet with projects since then. We are currently working on baby #2's nursery but the next big project we are taking on is our master bedroom and bath (by taking on I mean hiring someone, we don't DIY around here).  I wanted to share with you current pictures of our bedroom and then tell you want the plan is for the room.

Here goes nothing:

This is the view when you walk in the door:

This is the view from the closet/bathroom entrance:

This is the view from the hamper/window area which looks into the vanity area, walk-in closet, and bathroom:

Straight in shot from the door showing Kyle's nightstand:

As you can see it's pretty bare and needs some help!!  The headboard is new but that's about all we've done.
 Here is our project list below.  We have a few little projects and then bigger projects to tackle in the room. I'm hoping to take care of the small ones before baby #2 comes and then tackle the bigger projects after the new year.

Small Projects:

1. Get a bedskirt- We had one but Layla chewed a hole in it, months ago :) So I need to get a new one.

2. Paint outlet covers to match wall color- this has been on our list forever and we've just been lazy about it.

3. Get Euro shams- I bought our quilt from Homegoods and it's a king but they only had queen sized shams so I'm hoping to get some Euro shams in a light tan/flax color to match the quilt and go behind the matching shams.  We used to have all white bedding which I loved but had to throw that out once we got a dog :)

4. New nightstands-   1. they don't match and 2. we always thought the room had poor air circulation and one day when looking for one of Miller's pacifiers we moved Kyle's nightstand and realized that it was covering a vent!!  We had movers when we moved in and never realized they covered a vent!  So those need to go so that Kyle can have a nightstand in a normal place again.  

5. Hang pictures- We have wedding photos and family photos that need to get hung and we've been so bad about it. I will be the first to admit I have a fear of putting holes in the wall so I put off hanging things forever.  Forcing myself to get them hung so it feels more cozy!

6. Add monogram bolster pillow- again just something to make it feel more cozy.

7. Hang mirror over dresser

8. Roman shades for windows

Big Projects:

1.Re Paint-  It's PURPLE!! Well violet mist to be exact.  I apparently gave our painter the wrong swatch and instead of morning mist which was a nice light gray I gave him violet mist. Instead of  paying him extra $$$ to repaint we decided to just go with it.  It's sort of growing on me 1.5 years later. I think we will go with a griege when we re-paint so I can keep our current quilt

2. Add crown moulding and new baseboards- we've wanted crown moulding in here forever and would love to upgrade the baseboards at the same time.  When we re-did our floors downstairs we added 5in baseboards that we love and I know they would make a huge statement upstairs as well. 

3. New dressers-  the dressers we currently have are hand me downs from my parents. I don't totally hate them but I don't love them either but I don't want to buy anything new until I find ones we absolutely love.  

4. Get a chair for the corner-  we're looking into getting a chair for the corner where the hamper currently is. We want to move the hamper into the closet and put a nice plush chair there for a reading corner or sitting with baby corner or a place for Layla to sleep, etc. 

5. Renovate Bathroom- it old and yucky I promise I will share pictures of this next time. It's not totally awful but on it's last leg

6. Renovate Closet/Vanity area-  We're trying to think of a way to expand the closet and possibly get rid of the vanity or somehow work it into the  new closet, still not sure if it will work but we will see

So that's where we stand!!  I promise to be better about sharing photos with you all as we make progress on the room.  It's been neglected for so long I'm excited to give it a little sprucing up to make it  feel more cozy.  I'm not sure we'll get through all the small projects before baby #2 gets here but we're working on it. 

Thanks again for everyone who links up and joins us on Thursdays!!

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  1. I love the colors of your bedroom and LOVE the headboard! I am always afraid to share photos of our home too bc 1) I can never keep it clean enought to take pics and 2) I don't feel like it looks "blog-worthy" yet :) We are working on a few areas of our house now as well as the nursery, so hopefully I will be able to share soon! Can't wait to see your finished result!

  2. I really like your quilt! We've had white too, but we need to change it when we move for the same reason you had to change yours. I'm having a hard time finding something my husband and I can both agree upon. Looks like a fun project ahead of you when you get started with it.

  3. Don't even get me started on my house! my bedroom is a disaster zone and it bugs me even more because we've been in our house for over 2 years now! I've just put all my effort into getting the downstairs together and neglected my bedroom and the 2 guest bedrooms upstairs. And now whenever I want to buy something to start on our bedroom Theo always says, no our bedroom can wait, we have student loans to pay off. UGH!!

  4. I love your headboard and bedside lamp!! Our next project is getting new bedroom furniture as well - always something to update/upgrade lol!

  5. Love that headboard!! I think you have a lot of potential in that room! Maybe you can just redo the dressers and change out the hardware? I put off buying a bed skirt too (because who wants to pay that much for one?)

  6. Kohl's has really pretty Euro Shams! I tried to convince Hubs that we needed them, but he wasn't having it.

  7. If you don't want holes in your walls (I don't either) just use the command strips to hang pictures, we used those to hang all our pictures and they work great, come off easy and don't leave holes. Also, have you thought of shifting your furniture placement, maybe move the bed so it's centered between the two windows? That could help with the vent/nightstand issue.

  8. Your headboard looks great! And I did the same thing in my last house....I was going for a light gray but it turned out light purple, I happen to like purple so I was ok with it!

  9. The headboard is awesome and I love your jewelry display on the dresser!! I'm glad ya'll haven't taken on any new big projects though because I can't even imagine trying to do that pregnant and with a 14 month old!! I think some new matching nightstands will help and some new Euro pillows when you find them!! Love getting to peek in your master :)

  10. Your headboard is SO pretty and it seems like with the plans you have, your bedroom is going to look amazing! We are plan in on redoing our bedroom too because the furniture we have just isn't our style anymore, and with the kids climbing in our bed every night, a king sized is in order!

  11. I love the color scheme and especially the paint color on the walls, but it's always nice to have "improvement projects". Crown molding would look amaze!

  12. I love your ideas and I think this space will be beautiful when you're all done. I have so much to do decorating wise at my house too. I can't wait to see what you come up with the bathroom/closet redo. Good luck!

  13. I love your honesty! I felt the same way when I started posting pictures of rooms in our house. But really whose house is "perfect?" Love that headboard! :)

  14. It really is so pretty. I love the simplicity.

  15. Great bedroom space, and it's going to look amazing when you're done!

  16. I actually love the color. I would have never imagined it was a mistake :)

  17. I'm with you - LOVE house tours. I'm nosy too. :) It's just fun to see how people decorate and live. Love your duvet and all your plans for the room.

  18. You've got some good space to work with and I like the quilt!


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