Debordieu Colony/ Pawley's Island Trip Recap

As most of you know we were on vacation last week in South Carolina.  We were lucky enough to be staying with family who own a house in Debordieu Colony which is a private beach community in between Georgetown and Pawleys Island.   

This was our house for the week: 

It was absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had taken more pictures if the inside because no detail was overlooked when they built this house.   All the real estate in Debordieu is quite stunning to be honest and I found about 100 beach houses I need :) The house was one block off the beach and only a few blocks from the Debordieu beach club, pools, and playground so the location could not have been more perfect for us. 

After spending most of my time on this swing below last week while Miller napped, I've decided that my next house must have a porch and a porch swing with a H monogrammed on it. 

The trip included my parents, my sister (my bro in law had to stay home to work), and my little family. It's the first time we had all vacationed together since 2006!!  Even though I live close to them it was still nice to be away together.  My mom's cousin and his wife were nice enough to let us stay with them for the week. They share their time between Atlanta and Debordieu now that they're retired. They were the most gracious hosts and spoiled us with so much food!!  I seriously gained 5lbs while we were there.  Every breakfast included eggs, bacon, grits, and a fresh pasty of the day!  It was so nice to be away with my family we've decided we must do it every year now.  I never got a picture of all of us and wish I had :( 

The trip was not without incident.  I left all my hanging clothes at home which was about 75% of my wardrobe and we had dinner plans twice that required me to be wearing a dress! Of course it's pretty much impossible to find cute clothes for a pregnant chick at small boutiques so thankfully my sister had her gray pink stitch maxi which I wore for both of those nights.  I was quite depressed because I had some adorable outfits planned but I survived :) 

The first three days it rained but we still managed to squeeze in beach time where we could when the sun peaked through.  

Miller is still a little fish and we cannot keep him out of the water! Thank god for the puddle jumper which allowed us to let him run around the water as much as he wanted. We were still always at his back but were able to relax if he tripped/fell because he popped right back up. 

 We also spent plenty of time driving around the community in the golf cart and taking advantage of the playground. 

Miller had his first big fall while we were there and it was my scariest mom moment to date.  He rolled/crawled off the bed face first when we turned around for just a few seconds. I've never heard such a loud thud or loud scream out of Miller.  I'm not sure who cried harder me or him :( 
Thankfully all we got were some surface rug burns that are already looking better this week.  I am so thankful that this is the extent of his injuries and we didn't need a trip to the ER.  

Thanks to the rain we squeezed in quite a bit of shopping and eating! I don't want to make this post too long so I will be back with my favorites stores and restaurants along with some family pics my sister took of us! 



  1. That is so frustrating to forget your hanging clothes! But it is just less laundry to do when you get home! Poor Miller :( It's insane how easily little guys fall and get hurt, but they forget about it so fast! And thank goodness for puddle jumpers, they make beach and pool trips about 123214789 times easier!

  2. We leave Saturday for a trip to Isle of Palms for a week. I just posted today about what to pack for my two littles. Packing for 2 kids for a week stresses me out! I have never vacationed at Debordieu, but we went to a wedding at the clubhouse there last summer, and it was gorgeous!

  3. Aw poor Miller!! So glad he is getting better though, I definitely would have been crying too! Sorry the weather was iffy but it looks like y'all ended up having a great trip! That house looks so perfect!

  4. Aw little boo boo - it will be healed before you know it! What a great house and beach trip!

  5. That house you stayed in is absolutely beautiful. I love the porch and swing - I'm putting that on my house wish-list too.

    And, that is so scary about Miller's fall but thank goodness those little guys are very resilient.

  6. Poor little guy! Any injury to my son and I'm going nuts. Silly me. That house is GORGEOUS!!! Hope you had a good trip!

  7. Oh no! Sorry he got hurt. It looks like it was a great trip though. Love the porch swing.

  8. What a fun trip even with a few days of rain! I'm so impressed that Miller lets you keep a hat on him!! I wish Brody would. You looked adorable in your maxi and I totally understand how you could leave your hang up clothes at home when you're packing all the crap these little ones need!! Such a fun trip :)


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