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Before I was a mom I never really understood the term "momiform" or mom uniform.  I assumed if I was staying home and could wear whatever I wanted that I would be wearing fabulous outfits everyday and not just yoga pants and a t-shirt.   Now that I'm a mom I totally get it.  I realize now that your "momiform" doesn't have to be yoga pants and t-shirt but that it's a quick easy kid friendly outfit that you wear most days of the week. 

This is what my Summer momiform looks like:

Summer "Momiform"

Mirrored Aviators/Louis Vuitton Neverfull/ J.Crew Factory Vneck Tee/ J.Crew Denim Shorts/ Givenchy  Glass Pearl Earrings/ Michael Kors Watch (old similar here) / Forever 21 Gold bangles/ Tory Burch Miller Sandals (old similar here)

Now we all know since I'm pregnant my shorts have an elastic waist band and my shirts are like 5 sizes bigger but the rest of the elements are the same.
I have that J.Crew Factory V-neck and it's the perfect soft summer shirt.   I've also been living in my Tory Burch Miller sandals this summer.  I never ever leave the house without earrings and I pretty much wear those pearl studs above everyday.   I also have to wear a watch and bangles- even though I usually check my phone for the time :).   As you know I picked up some cheapy mirrored aviators and I've been using my LV Neverfull as much as I can before I have a messy newborn and need to break out a regular diaper bag again.   The bag is a splurge but I've had mine for 2.5 years and it's still in great condition and really is a work horse bag. 

So do you have a "momiform"?  If you're not a mom do you have an easy go to outfit that you wear? 

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  1. Love it. Totally throwing on my jorts and a tee a little bit later today! xx

  2. I basically wear the same thing most days or some sort of dress (usually a maxi.)

  3. Love that momiform. Easy, cute and washable!! All of the essentials :)

  4. Yes, sadly my momiform is yoga pants and a top most days, but I love a comfy yet chic shorts outfit for the day too!!

  5. Oh yes! My weekend momiform is remarkably similar. I live in those J. Crew tops and either skinny jeans or j. crew chino shorts. Millers or Eddies are in constant rotation. I never wear a watch though - don't even own one. Goodness, I can't wait to get back in regular clothes!!!!

  6. I am totally a fan of the Momiform. Usually my tee is covered in boogies or some kind of food, so you're one step ahead of me!

  7. Love your momiform! I find myself wearing a lot of blouses or long sleeved blouses/T's with shorts this summer. I used to always wear a polo shirt but my style has evolved away from that yet I've yet to substitute them with short sleeved shirts!

  8. Love this momiform! I have been wanting those TB sandals for so long, I should just splurge!

  9. You're a cute mom for sure! Love this. I hate having to put together casual outfits (especially after having to do it all week for work) so my furmomiform is usually a sundress or maxi ;)

  10. I'm not a mom but this is still my go to look for just hanging out! Casual and comfy! By the way, those J Crew tees are on an awesome sale right now... pretty sure I need every color!

  11. My go to look for sure, I am excited to have a little more access to more of my clothing once this lady arrives!

  12. such a cute outfit, comfy but still chic!


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