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First of all I can't even begin to express how jealous I am of all you non-preggos out there who are wearing cute bikinis and one pieces this season.  There are so many good styles out there!  Since I had Miller at the end of June last year I really didn't worry about the bathing suit situation because I knew that I wouldn't be doing much swimming and I could just sit at my parents pool in an old suit that didn't fit and not worry about it.  

This year is a completely different story.  In addition to two beach vacations I've also been trying to take Miller to our neighborhood pool as often as I can and so far my Target tankinis from previous years are working but I can feel them starting to creep up over the bump.   I've been looking at maternity bathing suits online and I'm just not sure what I think.

They're either so blah or so expensive.   I'm thinking I might just need to get some more tankini tops from Target in the next size up and call it a day but here are a few I've had my eye on.

For Target Tankinis ... which are much cheaper I've had my eye on these. 

So what do you think?  Any one have experience with a maternity bathing suit?  Are they worth the price tag? 

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  1. Target tankinis are where it's at! From my own personal experience (and being pregnant during two summers) I would recommend avoiding the one piece, even maternity, because they just end up getting small and fitting weird. I always went with a straight up bikini because it's the only time in your life it is acceptable to show off your belly in all its glory. Although people will want to talk to you about your pregnancy even more!

  2. Get whatever makes you feel most beautiful, even if it costs a bit more! And if it's the Target ones, that's a win-win! I just ordered my first suit from albion fit but apparently these are also good while pregnant!

  3. This is my second summer pregnancy and we have a pool and little one who lives to swim. I feel like I live in a bathing suit. I've been rotating between a non-maternity j.crew one piece (though it doesn't seem likely to fit much longer) a non-maternity target tankini, and a target one piece. All three have worked well for me. I'm not loving how I look in any bathing suit right now and spending more money on one isn't likely to help. So I'm going with good ol' tarjay.

  4. Oh I love all of these, and I want them even though I'm not pregnant! Is that socially acceptable? The first striped option is my favorite. So glad to have blogger friends who can fill me in on all the maternity dressing secrets for whenever the time does come! xo

  5. I had my son in September, so I had to have a maternity suit the summer before he was born. I have on from Old Navy that was no expensive at all. Look there if you have not already! I also got one from a Pea in the Pod that was a little bit more expensive, but I knew I planned on having more children and have worn it a good bit, so I say it's worth it! I love the first striped one piece.

  6. I bought one Splendid maternity tankini when I was pregnant and I did love it but it was on the pricier side. The rest of my tankinis were just ones from Target or J Crew that I bought in a size up! They worked just fine! I went on a week long trip to the bahamas when I was 32 weeks pregnant, so I had to make sure I at least felt half way decent in a bikini. I loved that striped one from Target that I think I saw on you on IG.

  7. I love that red one!! So cute!! If I were you, I'd rock the bikini and show off your cute bump!

  8. I had this same debate two weeks ago and decided to forgo the expensive maternity suit and rock my regular two piece. Although I don;t already have a toddler so I would suspect that would weigh in on the decision of what kind of suit to get.

  9. You could totally rock either with your height and bump! - I did maternity tankinis -- I needed the bump room (I was also really really preggo - due in July).

  10. After searching everywhere, I found this one (now on clearance!) that I love and get so many compliments on. It works well on a pregnant body! http://www.motherhood.com/mobile/Product.asp?Product_Id=992929009&MasterCategory_Id=9996


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