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Happy Monday Everyone!   We are back from vacation and settled in at home and I have to admit I'm actually happy to be back into our normal routine.  Vacation was a blast but I think we're all happy to be back in our own beds and our own house. 

-Here are some pictures from the trip:

 A couple people have asked and I wanted to let you know that Miller LOVES his chair!  He received it as a birthday gift and I honestly didn't think he would sit in it at all but he sat there to eat his snack on the beach every day.

Mills is fearless and loves the water- the puddle jumper worked so well since wants to be in the pool but wants some freedom.   

He loved the sand. 

On about Wednesday he decided that he loved the ocean and would just crawl right in! He took a small wave to the face once and just kept on going.  It was hysterical to watch.  We kept a close eye on him and picked him up when a wave came his way.

-On Saturday we attended a gorgeous wedding of a family friend in Alexandria, VA at the Belle Haven Country Club

Still loving the Pink Stitch Maxi- I got a ton of compliments on it! They have so many great colors right now I think I need to add to my collection.  You can find it here/here/here

-I'm thinking of doing a blog/instagram sale on maternity work clothes and old work clothes I'm not wearing-  anyone have any interest?   Just wanted to throw it out there to see if there is any interest. 

-Here is a little inspiration for your Monday morning:



  1. So excited to see your vacation recap!! That monogrammed chair is adorable!!! I'm so glad to see Miller in the puddle jumper because I was wondering if our kids were too young for them but it looks like it fits Miller perfectly!! You looked beautiful for the wedding. What a gorgeous golf course!!

  2. Looks like you had such a fun vaycay! Miller is adorable! That wedding looked gorgeous and I love your dress! I may have to get one for myself! I would love if you hosted a maternity work clothes sale. I work from home a lot, but still have to go into the office very now and then and I'm running out of outfit options! Love the inspiration today too!

  3. Miller is so precious and looks so happy at the beach! He looks like your mini me. Love that Pink Stitch maxi on you again! It's the perfect maxi for a pregnant woman. Save it for me when I get preggers!

  4. Love the dress with the turquoise necklace! It looks like you guys had such a fun trip! The OBX are always so fun and watching babies play at the beach is the best!

  5. So much fun!! Can't believe he loves the sand so much! Everytime we go to the beach Lily absolutely refuses to touch the sand because it is "nasty". However, she loves the water!! Sounds like Miller does too!

  6. Great wedding look! I love that little monogrammed chair - glad M. does, too!

  7. You're a gorgeous pregnant lady! Miller is so brave and cute!

  8. Looks like you've been having lots of fun this summer! You look amazing, too! Noelle does the same at the beach. Crawls right into the ocean and we just pick her up over and over every time a wave comes and she loves it. Too funny!

  9. I have a wedding to go to this Saturday and I think you convinced me I need to order this maxi for it. Just in time...

  10. Ahh I love a fearless beach baby!! So glad vacay was wonderful! I loooove the maxi on you - what an adorable bump!!

  11. Happy Monday! Looks like such a fun weekend. My daughter has one of those fold up chair too! and loves it. I think it makes her feel like she is in a grown up chair.

    I just love the never too late.. it is so true.


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