Thoughts for Thursday

I can't believe it's Thursday already!! This week is flying by!  I just want to say a big THANK YOU on behalf of Annie and myself for everyone that has joined our little Thoughts for Thursday link up!  I love reading what you all are thinking about each week.    So again thanks for playing along, and if you haven't joined up yet feel free too.  Just grab the button below and link up at the bottom!

Thoughts for Thursday
- My baby turns 1 tomorrow!! I just can't even get over how fast this year has gone by.  I know you all are probably sick of hearing me say this but I swear my pregnancy felt like 3 years and this first year of motherhood has felt like 3 months.

-Speaking of first birthdays I am so, so, so excited for his party on Saturday.  This party has been a real labor of love for me and I just cannot wait to watch it all come together.

-I may or may not have spent more time planning this first birthday than I did my wedding.  I swear I've been having dreams this week like I did for my wedding where something happens or the cake is forgotten, etc. 

-Fingers crossed the rain holds off until Sunday.  

-Pregnancy exhaustion is no joke.  I need at least 7-8 hours sleep to function every day but with all the late night party crafting and pregnancy insomnia I'm only getting 5-6 and I'm a zombie.   I would love a large DD iced coffee, damn that no caffeine rule.

-Chasing an 11 month old around while 5 months pregnant does not help the exhaustion level.  

-If you had told me this week last year that I would be 5 months pregnant at Miller's 1st birthday I would have laughed in your face and told you it would be years before I went through this again.   Ohhhh how life works itself out.

-Kyle has been out of town this week so that's been adding to my party planning stress. Thankfully Kyle be back today.  

-Thank god for Amazon Prime.   I don't know how I would survive without it.  I have quite a few last minute things showing up today thanks to them.

-My sister has been in Italty for the last 10 days on the trip of a lifetime and I am soo happy for her but I desperately miss her! We talk on the phone at least 1-2 times a day and send each other at least 100 texts a day.  The fact that I am getting through this party planning without her keeping me calm and telling me I'm not a total psycho help is quite an accomplishment. 

-Sorry for the lack of pictures... but I promise to bombard you next week with lots and lots of first birthday pics!!

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Thoughts for Thursday
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  1. Aw the party will be so great - and then lady, SLEEP ;) (it's so easy to say isn't it).

  2. Can't wait to see how it all comes together - you're amazing!! Hope Kyle can take miller on Sunday so that you can rest!

  3. I can't wait to see all the pics from the big party!!! And hopefully after all of the guests have left you can take a make deserved nap :)

  4. Can't wait to see all of the pics and you are amazing to be pregnant, have a one year old and party planning (not to mention hubby out of town) you're my hero!

  5. Can't believe Miller is 1! It does feel like you were just pregnant with him. I am sure you miss Pris so badly...we should have climbed in their suitcases.

  6. Happy Birthday to your little one :)

  7. Girl you can totally have some caffeine just limited to a cup a day! Man I couldn't function without it sometimes!

  8. I'm with Laura! I have to have 1 caffeine drink a day! But if you are holding off you are a better mother than me! I would pass out from exhaustion! They recommend that we have less than 200mg a day of caffeine. So 1 diet coke is usually 35....but that is my rationalization! Can't wait to see party pics. I LOVE parties!!!!

  9. Can't wait to see the cutie's first bday pictures. Hope you get some rest before the party!

  10. I can't wait to see how it all comes together! Happy Birthday Miller!

  11. You amaze me gal!!! I don't know how you are doing it all with being 5 months pregnant and getting ready for the big party!! I can't wait to see your adorable nautical theme and mostly I can't believe our boys are ONE tomorrow!! It's totally nuts!!

  12. OK so crazy world - I have a daughter that just turned one in May and am due with my son in two weeks (14 months apart so yeah we didn't plan that one!!) and we are naming him Miller! How funny! So I totally understand that whole pregnancy exhaustion bit and how it's super amplified when you've got another one so young to chase around after/completely care for. And Amazon Prime is the greatest thing ever.

  13. So glad to have connected with you through April's blog~ What a fun linkup! Thanks for sharing!



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