Miller's 1st Easter Basket

I decided to link up with Darci's blog hop and share Miller's 1st Easter Basket. 

We really didn't want to go overboard and turn Easter into the next Christmas so we tried to purchase some fun practical gifts for Miller.  He's only 9 months old so there is only so much we can do. 

I opted for the small basket from Pottery Barn Kids and had the liner monogrammed (obviously).   The basket is a little smaller than I thought it would be but the large one is gigantic and he does not need one that size yet so this works well for now.  

Close up of the Basket

Another shot of the rest of the basket

So here is what we put inside starting from the back of the basket:

1. Rabbit Ears from Target- these are more for me for fun photo ops on Easter Day :)  Miller will probably hate them. 

2. Books-  Books are always important and we tried to get some Easter themed books to add to the collection as well as one we know he'll like.  
 - It's Not Easy Being a Bunny
 - Little Blue Truck Leads the Way
 - The Tale of Peter Rabbit

3. Sunscreen- This is a practical one.  After everyone's suggetions on Monday I opted to get the California baby to use on his face and the Coppertone Water Babies Pure and Simple to use on his body. 

4.  Stuffed Rabbit-  As of right now Miller could care less about stuffed animals but I decided that he had to have a bunny on Easter no matter what but I didn't want to spend a lot.  I found this adorable bunny at Target for about $5! It's cute and soft and I won't be upset if it sits on a shelf forever. 

5. Summer Sandals-  I picked these up at Old Navy this week and they will be perfect for summer.  My parents are getting him a pool/beach themed Easter basket so these go with that. 

6. Green Toys Airplane-  We have the Green Toys Dump Truck that he loves so we picked this one up last time we were out.  I'm hoping it will be a hit!  

I also plan to add some plastic Easter eggs filled with cherrios and puffs for fun!  They will probably get thrown all over the floor but I think he'll enjoy it ;)

 So how do you do Easter Baskets in your house?  Do you go all out or try to stick with practical gifts?  
Tomorrow I will be back with more about our upcoming Easter weekend brunch and adult Easter basket that I'm making for everyone. 



  1. Cute!! I caved and bought the PB basket.. Funny you mentioned how small the little one is. The big one is HUGE and I was kinda surprised by how big it was, but I feel like it will last a while and for the price I paid, that's a good thing! Yay for summer sandals and sunblock..hopefully it warms up eventually so he can actually use it. We got the tug boat like the airplane in our Citrus Lane box this month..haven't opened it yet.

  2. Awesome!! I know he will adore the books. Those are the cutest flops!! I haven't figured SS' out yet. That is my plan for tomorrow.

  3. You are so cute! Is it weird that I get excited to have kids for doing things like this? Filling an easter basket of goodies for the first time has got to be pretty cool.

  4. I'm doing a mix of candy, some small toys and some fun socks and stickers. He's at the age where he's pretty easy to please and gets excited or anything new.

  5. I totally think I am turning Easter into a second Christmas. I am going to follow you and get them books and a DVD! #sanitycheck

  6. So cute!! I'm also all for practical stuff - new sandals, coloring books, sidewalk chalk, etc. Can't wait to see pics of Miller in his cute ears! Have a very happy Easter!

  7. Great job on the basket! Perfect stuff for a 9 month-old little guy! I always like to give our son book with any gift we give him. And sunscreen is such a smart thing to include! I'll have to remember that next year.

  8. This is the perfect first Easter basket!! You did such a great job!


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