Five on Friday: Spring and Summer Cocktails

TGIF!! I am so happy the weekend is here!   It's been a doozy of a week around here with my little man fighting sleep and teething.  Not fun at all. 

Whenever the weather starts to warm up I start to dream of cocktails that I would enjoy while lounging by the pool or sitting on my deck after a long day.  I decided to share with you all my favorite spring and summer cocktails and I suggest you try all of them! 

1. Moscow Mule
     - this is hands down my favorite cocktail these days and I cannot get enough of them! So easy to  make and the copper mug makes it taste that much better 
2 oz vodka 
6 oz ginger beer
1 lime, juiced 
1 tsp simple syrup

 Pour ingredients over ice in a copper mug- garnish with a lime and mint 

2. Skinny Sparkling Margarita
    - I stumbled upon this last year in Shape magazine and it's perfect for me.  I love a good margarita but who wants all the calories and I love my drinks with some bubbles in them! 
3 ounces Sparkling ICE Lemon Lime
1 1/2 ounces tequila
Fresh squeezed orange juice
Fresh squeezed lime juice
1 lime slice, for garnish
Shake first four ingredients and pour into a chilled rocks glass rimmed with salt. Garnish with lime slice.

3. Vodka Soda with a Lime 
     - this is my standard wedding cocktail and was my bar order for years back when I could handle drinking liquor all night!  I'm not big on too many ingredients or too much sugar so this simple drink is perfect for me 
1.5-2 oz vodka - pour over ice
Fill the rest of the cup with seltzer or club soda of your choice 

4. Sunset Champagne Cocktail 
    -this may have another name but this is a cocktail I invented with my dad at my parents pool two summers ago.  I was in the mood for something fruity so we worked with the ingredients we had on hand.  Again I like to keep it simple. 
Fill a glass with half champagne, half orange juice
Add 1 shot vodka (this is optional, it's good without it too)
Add 2 oz grenedine last (should sink to the bottom) 

If you're feeling fancy you can garnish with an orange and cherry 

5. Pink Flamingo Punch or the punch we served at every bridal shower hosted for the past 5 years 
    - My sister invented this concoction when she was looking for a punch for my bridal shower in 2009 before Pinterest existed (remember those days when you had to be creative yourself?!).  It's so good that it has been served at everyone of my friends bridal showers since!   
2 jugs of Minute Maid Pomegranate Lemonde
1 bottle champagne 
1 cup vodka 

Stir all ingredients in large punch bowl.  Garnish with lemon slices 

Tell me about your favorite spring or summer cocktail!  I'm always looking for new drinks to add to my selction. 


  1. All of these look and sound amazing! I can't wait to try the skinny margarita this weekend!

  2. OH, I love that copper mug! It's all about the barware! So fabulous and looks delicious! :) Happy Weekend!

  3. ooh that copper mug makes me wanna try a moscow mule, never had one but it looks delish

  4. YES! We do moscow mules in copper cups here too!

  5. Margaritas are my all-time favorite drink of choice!

  6. I'm loving the moscow mule these days too!! I'm headed to my friends house this afternoon and she is making a new Coconut Margarita recipe she found and said is out of this world. Can't wait to try and I'll have to share if it's delish!

  7. Yum Yum Yum! I too am loving a good Moscow Mule.

    My favorite true "summer/vacation" drink is vodka, pineapple, a splash of cran and a twist of lime. It is HEAVENLY!

  8. Oh man, this post makes me thirsty! My standard bar order is whiskey or bourbon with ginger ale and a lemon or lime. I also love an icy cold beer. Abita's Summer Strawberry is a summertime favorite. Moscow Mules are so tasty - I'm doing a Moscow Mule basket for my vodka loving mom for Mother's Day. She's usually a Goose on the rocks gal but I think she may like a Mule for summer. There's a local Mexican place with terrible food but an absolutely amazing take on a margarita called the Eola 101. It's silver tequilla, champagne, agave nectar, and lime juice. AMAZING. Give it a try. It will knock you on your tush if you have too many but it's very tasty. :)

  9. All of these look amazing. I'm a sucker for a margarita, though that sunrise concoction looks wonderful!
    Happy Friday!

  10. That Punch looks heavenly! I am in need of a cocktail right about now!

  11. you've made me thirsty! i think a margarita needs to happen tonight!

  12. That punch looks great, thanks for sharing!

  13. Vodka soda is my go to for cocktail but I am a Chardonnay girl mostly!

  14. Must try some of these! Especially that marg!


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