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**First off I just want to say thank you for everyone's responses on Monday's posts, I loved hearing from each and everyone of you and I'm still working on emailing everyone back**

Now here are some things I'm craving this week...

{Food and Drink} 

A Strawberry Margarita and Nachos... preferably outside somewhere warm

This bag...

This rug for my family room...

{For the Mini}
Yes I actually want obnoxious toys in my backyard

Aruba... we went here on our honeymoon and I am dying to get back there

What are you craving this week? 


  1. we are just back from Jamaica, and it was heaven! It's finally patio weather here in Iowa. Cheers!

  2. YES to the nachos, ha! A vacation and a new handbag sound pretty nice right now too!

  3. My parents go to Aruba for two weeks every year in the beginning of May. Been going 16 years and I have YET to make it out there. Shameful!

  4. yessss please to the margarita and nachos (especially consumed outside)... and i remember our neighbors had that castle when i was little and it was the coolest place in the 'hood to hang. ;) c'mon summer!!

  5. Sigh. Aruba looks AMAZING. & HELL YES to the margaritas! :)

  6. Ugh. Aruba looks amazing. Want to be there now.

  7. Aruba has been on my travel wishlist for too long!

    I love that rug. I am looking for one to put on my balcony

  8. I want all of those too please!! Especially number one ;)

  9. Isnt the rug in your family room kind of like that now? And the more plastic toys in the backyard the longer M is busy for!

  10. Mmmmm I would love to eat those nachos IN Aruba! :)


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