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I am currently in the middle of a major closet clean out.  My closet is a complete disaster.  Between work clothes, maternity clothes, clothes that no longer fit, clothes I will never wear again, etc it's time to start making cuts.  

I'm not very good at getting rid of stuff but I'm working through it slowly and allowing myself to keep only stuff I currently wear and packing only one large storage tub of winter clothes. 

Of course now that I'm doing all this purging my mind can't stop dreaming of all the items I want to refill my closet with. 

I'm tall so I'm always on the hunt for cute shirts that are long enough to cover a bit of my backside.  This one is perfect and I love the simple black!

Now that I'm home with a baby I'm constantly looking for comfortable clothes that are still cute.  This dress just screams comfort, doesn't it?

 Love the color of this one!  I'm trying so hard to incorporate more color into my mostly neutral wardrobe and this would be perfect.  

I posted about these a few weeks ago and I'm still obsessing over them. I can't get them out of my head.  I even skipped the Tory Burch friends and family sale because I think I want these more.  I may just have to treat myself to a pair for Mother's Day ;)

This bag. Ugh. I'm in love. 
I know I white bag is completely impractical right now but I can't help myself.   I may or may not be sending my husband emails pretending they are from Miller saying that he would like to buy me this bag for Mother's day since I'm such a good mommy.  Pathetic? Yes.  Will it work? Probably not, but I have to try right? 

So what are you currently craving these days? 

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  1. That bag is stunning! A perfect Mother's Day gift!

  2. Oh the emails "from the baby" are a great idea...I need to try that. I'm sure there are tons of things Charlotte wants to get me for Mother's Day ;)

  3. So - I am totally with you no having a hard time tossing things - and NEEDING too. I still have sweaters and blouses hanging in my closet from college.

    I read a tip, and it's actually genuis and has been helping me part with a lot of my clothes. Have a big bag at the bottom of your closet and throw shirts and clothes in the bag that you really don't think you want to keep, but will be safe in the bag if you change your mind. If you haven't pulled it from the bag in a month. Donate.

    My bag is seriously almost overflowing!


  5. We have such similar taste. I'm a big fan of good basic pieces and am always trying to remind myself to bring in some color. (Half my closet is navy.) I love Joie sandals too. I've been eyeing a pair for a while but I'm trying so hard to buy stuff for the house instead of another pair of shoes. It's tough! The coral top is so fun!

  6. I send my husband links all the time from my dog hahaha! LOVE that purse!

  7. Love that first top so much!! You and I have similar style! How tall are you? You never look that tall in pics! I've been that Splendid maxi for awhile now too!

  8. I have such a hard time finding long tops for tall people too! That first one needs to come home with me!

  9. I'm tall too, so finding pants/shirts/dresses/skirts that fit properly can be a challenge. I love the first black top you posted!!!!

  10. LOVING that Eileen Fisher tank...adorable!!! Thanks for linking up this week!!

  11. I love that bag! So cute!


  12. Im in love with that Splendid dress!

  13. Love everything here but I don't think I have the body or the tan to pull off the long dress. :)


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