Five on Friday: Fitness Edition

 You know the drilll...

Y'all it is time that I stepped my game up.  I may have lost all the baby weight but things are jiggling a lot more than they used to and it ain't pretty.  Bikni season is a mere 4 months away which means I have some work to do.  
I haven't been to the gym in 17 months- 17 months!!!! That has to be some sort of record for me.  I've never been a die hard 7 day a week gym goer but I still managed to go at least at least 4-5 times a month during my lazy periods.  

In an effort to jump start this working out I signed up for a 10k with my sister.  It's in 6 weeks.  Yup in 6 weeks I need to teach my lazy sleep deprived butt how to run again.   It isn't going to be pretty but I think I can get my act together to do it.  

So in honor of getting back into it I'm talking about fitness:  

1. Nike DriFit V-Neck Running Tank-  I got this tank from my sister for my birthday and I have to be honest and  tell you I haven't worn it yet but I know it's going to be perfect.  I prefer to workout in tank tops and I prefer loose fitting tops when I run.  I hate being sweaty and having clothes clinging to me.  This tank is perfect and it's only around $28 which works for me.  I promise I will report back with an update once I try it for real.   Plus isn't it always fun to have new workout gear to get you motivated. 

2. BOB Revolution SE jogging stroller- I've been thinking about getting a jogging stroller for awhile now and after talking to quite a few people about their love for the BOB I've decided to get one! 

Remember how I was going to buy this gorgeous bag with my Christmas/birthday money-
Well I decide to be a grown up and use my Christmas/birthday money to put toward a jogging stroller. Luckily Amazon is having a sale on the BOB right now so it's $120 off it's retail price- I couldn't pass this up and had to pull the trigger!   It isn't nearly as gorgeous or glamorous but being healthy, active, and fit for my family is more important right now.  To be honest I'm actually more excited for this stroller than I ever was for the bag.   It should be here next week! Now let's just hope our temperatures get above freezing so I can actually use it. 

3. Sportline Duo 1010 Heart Rate Monitor- I got this heart rate monitor last Christmas so I could monitor my heart rate while I was pregnant and it's been great.  I don't use it as often as I should and do wish it had a calorie counter but it's still good to see whether I'm working out to my full potential or not. 

4. Asics GT Series Running Shoes-  many years ago after I ran my first half marathon I got fitted for running shoes at a running store- I highly suggest this to anyone who runs because this seriously changed my running life!  I found out that because I have high arches I over pronate so I need shoes that are going to offer stability and support when I run.   The Asics GT series has been my go to ever since and finding out my perfect fit has taken away all the knee and hip pain I used to get while running. 

I got a new pair right before I got pregnant and since I barely used them I should be able to eek a few more months of them.  I am loving this pink and orange pair so I might need to get these when I'm in the market for new ones.  

5. C9 by Champion Advanced Performance Capri Tight-   I've been wearing these workout capris from Target for years. So far I haven't seen the need to spend tons of money on workout pants when these get the job done.  No the probably don't suck me and flatter me as much as a pair from Lululemon but I'm not really looking to impress anyone at my gym so I don't really care.   I'm thining about adding a few new pairs to my collection to help get my motivated :) 

So I know it's only 5 but I had to share one more with you...

6. MapMyRun App-  This is my absolute favorite workout app.  I mostly use it to record my mileage when I'm walking or running around my community but you can use it for treadmill workouts, sprints, cycling, hiking, walking the dog, crunches, leg lifts, etc.   You can also record your calories for the day and save running or walking routes for future use.  I like that it let's you know your split times which helps me when running so I know if I need to speed up or slow down.  It also saves all your past workouts so that you know when the last time you worked out was or you can see averages for the week or month.  

So tell me do you have any fitness tips, tricks, clothes, apps that have changed your life?!  If so please share.  I'm always looking for new ideas!


  1. new workout clothes always get the job done for me!! they make me so, so happy :) I made it 11.5 months without going to the gym if that makes you feel better? I am just not a gym person…. (aka I am a "you don't have a DVR here so no way am I working out here" person :)


  2. I just love Asics! They are the best, hands down!!!

  3. We have a BOB and only a BOB and we love it! My husband thinks it is like the batman stroller. When others take it for a spin they die for one. It lives up to all its hype!

  4. Love this theme! I am also a big Map My Run fan. I love the weekly emails it sends with a recap of your workouts ... very inspiring!

  5. Our feet are the same! High arches and pronat

  6. Whoops! Hit publish too soon. Love those shoes! I wish I could run! I have to walk very fast. I have crappy knees! Bob strollers are worth every penny! Smart momma!

  7. I love the colors of that workout tank. I use the Endomondo app which sounds similar to the MMR app you use, will have to check that one out. Big fan of Target's workout clothes, too. Well pretty much everything Target sells, ha. Have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Love those shoes - Asics are always my go-to!!

  9. Bikini season for me starts tomorrow. And i have way too much jiggle. oh well. I will prepare with you and the real start of the season when I get back. Well...except when I make you eat a slice of Berger cookie pie. Ha.

  10. I have a 10K in 5 weeks and I can't even run a mile. Yiiiiiiiiikes!!! Love my Asics! Love my Champion pants! Need a BOB! Need a miracle! Good luck!

  11. I bet you will bounce back in no time - doesn't the body remember fitness? I have heard great things about the Bob! You'll rock that 10k mama!!

  12. Im finally using my City Mini jogger and love it! Such a smooth ride and Weeks looks so happy in it. Im wanting some new Asics for Spring!

  13. The Bob is awesome. You are going to love it.

  14. Girlfriend, I feel you on this!!! I really need to tone up before I hit up the beach!! I have the City Mini and haven't used it for Jogging yet..Love the BOB strollers and I've heard great things. Sure you won't be disappointed!


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