Thank You and some Monday Inspiration

First off I have to say THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments on my post on Friday! It seems that many of you other moms and women can relate to how hard it is to find balance in your lives.   i still owe a bunch of you emails and I promise I will get to them soon, hopefully!  You all made me feel so much better.  I can't thank you enough and you gave me some great ideas on how to manage my time and to chill out a bit about the small stuff. 

So I had some free time over the weekend to spend on Pinterest and I just had to share some of it with you today...


Can you tell I'm ready to shop again and for some warmer weather?!   Just in time for us to get a snow storm too!!   Ugh why is winter so long and why don't I love is SoCal?!


  1. Love all of these! I'm totally with you on the snow - especially after's today's teaser of spring weather!

  2. I'm loving that white and blue dress! I hope we get a ton of snow! Snow day!!!

  3. Come visit California! (Perhaps bring along some rain?!)

  4. Such great eye candy..especially love the chambray dress paired with the leopard clutch!


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