Monday Chit Chat

 Did you all hear about the mall shooting this weekend?   Yeah that happend about 30 minutes from my house, at a mall I used to frequent at least weekly when I worked in that town.  So so so sad and so absolutely terrifying.   Do you know how often I go to the mall? (not that one another one closer to me)  It's been one of my favorite activities with Miller this winter and now I'm totally freaked out.   Ugh.  Is anywhere safe anymore? 

Did you watch the Grammys or Sean & Catherine's Wedding?  I'm pretty much over all things Bachelor related so opted for the Grammys.

Things I was not prepared for: 
-Beyonce's sex song
-Taylor's piano hair flip
-Metallica in general
-Lorde beating out all the HUGE name stars multiple times 
-Kacey Musgraves beating Taylor Swift in the country category- anyone watch Nashville?  Made me think of the Juliette Barnes and Layla Grant rivalry. (I don't know anything about her but I've decided she's the new Layla Grant of country music) 
-Ummm the Weddings during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis...

Some links I stumbled upon this weekend that I had to share: 

This is a good read for anyone who is married and especially those with kids.

For my fellow wine lovers- 25 Signs You Drink too Much Wine
Let's see #3, #4, #9, #11, #13, #14, #16 especially

Did you see this baby carrier ad about motherhood?  Yeah it totally had me crying by the end. 

Love this mom's approach to dealing with her teenagers and social media. 

These brothers. They kill me. The sibling bond is just so special.

 Oh and some how this nugget is 7 months old today and has been trying so hard to crawl!!  Seriously where is the time going!


Sorry for the horrible picture quality it's the only ones I took this weekend!

Hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. How sweet is Miller?!! I love the stage that he's in! The mall shooting really scared me too and especially there! (My first thought was that it was Towson sadly, but not Columbia!) Have a great week!

  2. Bahahaha I love your Grammy run-down! I read that 25 signs you drink too much wine list so many times this weekend trying to convince myself that they all didn't apply to me. I can't believe that mall shooting. It's so sad and it's so scary! We live right by the Short Hills Mall and were there at least weekly and now it's like one of the main places you think is safe isn't and it's an awful feeling :(

  3. Um, so I watch Nashville and was thinking the EXACT same thing. Hahaha!!

  4. Look at Miller go! He's going to be mobile in no time. That mall shooting is frightening -- I can't imagine how much more scary it is for you since it's such a familiar place.

  5. It's scary how much that 25 wine list is me. Every. Single. One. Hysterical!!

  6. I LOVE Nashville, such a great show. I flipped between the Grammy's and the Bachelor wedding. I wasn't very impressed with either.

  7. So so sad about the mall shootings. I also didn't realize our sons were so close in age. Mine is almost 6.5 months. Isn't it crazy how fast it all goes?

  8. That mall shooting is so scary!! I honestly get scared every time I go to the mall. Especially around Christmastime. I'm going to have to You Tube Beyonce's sex song. I know everyone was talking about it on Facebook!

  9. 1. My lips were purple this morning. 2. My son is 7.5 months and trying so hard to crawl too! He usually gives up and rolls to where he wants to go. 3. I watched the video about the brothers and bawled more than I have since I was pregnant and tried to watch Animal Planet.

    Elise Layton

  10. I didn't watch either! I wanted Downtown Abby. I figure everything good on the Grammys will be on YouTube today. I did watch part of B and Jay Zs duet. She looked hot!

  11. i loved that article about 'how was your day' - i sent it to my husband and told him we should start this now, because the baby comes. thanks for posting!!

  12. I am over the bachelor too. Too many failed relationships and the cheese-iness that is Chris Harrison just got to be too much for me.

  13. I opted out of The Bachelor as well. I think Sean and what's her name (no really I have no idea) are a snoozefest. I just want Brad Womack and Emily Maynard back!

  14. I have to be honest..I never watched the Bachelor yet all of my college besties love it. Not sure what I am missing...sorry!

  15. I haven't really watched the Bachelor for a few years. I got over the girls always falling over each other for one guy who usually wasn't too great. I wasn't ready for Beyoncé's sex song either!!!


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