Formal Dining Room: Yay or Nay?

I'm looking for some advice/thoughts from you all!

We are in the process of starting to get quotes to renovate our kitchen and we're thinking about taking down the wall between the dining room and kitchen to form a more open floor plan and expand our kitchen.  Our thoughts are that we would extend the kitchen into the dining room a little but then put a big farmhouse like table in the dining room area also so we would still have a place to seat a lot of people but it would be more informal.   We are also planning to get rid of our eat in kitchen area and get an island with bar stools on it.  We will also have hardwood floors going through out the whole first floor so ignore the carpet. 

My questions is do you have a formal dining room?  Do you think they're necessary?  I don't see us using a formal dining room very often and since we don't have a lot of space we what to make sure we utilize what space we have to best of our abilities.   Our house is a very traditional center hall colonial so we want to try to bring it up the times as best we can but at the same time we don't want to regret not having a formal dining room space. 

I've included some pictures of our house below. 

This is our kitchen and eat in kitchen area- this whole area will be reconfigured.

That little doorway to the navy blue wall is our dining room and we would rip down the wall where the microswave is... we're not sure if it will be the whole wall or a half wall yet

Here is our dining room... just keeping it real this is where half the baby stuff lives 

We would get a new farm house table and possibly open up more into the living room so that we can have a large table.  



Baby Mills: One Month!

 1 month as of 7.27.13! 
Weight:  10lbs 8 oz (55th percentile)
Length: 22.5 inches- (75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 38 centimeters- (50th percentile)
We have his one month appt today so I should find out all these stats later today.  

Clothes:  0-3 month clothes and some 3-6 month depending on the brand.  He's not really filling them out but he is so long that his legs were getting squished in newborn clothes.

Health: Nothing major here.  He has been getting the hiccups very frequently.  At first they didn't bother him but the past few days we've noticed that he gets frustrated when he gets them.  We've been using gripe water and that usually resolves them but I'm still going to talk to the doctor about them. 

Diet: Still 100% Breastmilk and going well for us

Sleep:  We've been getting some great 3 hour stretches at night which is a nice change from the 2 hour stretches I was getting.  He usually sleeps from 7-10:30ish, then 12-3 and then 3:30-4ish until 7am.    I think the trick has been giving him 3oz of breastmilk in a bottle at the 10:30-11 feeding 

Baby Gear Love:   Still loving the FP cradle n swing, FP Rock n Play sleeper, Aden and Anais swaddle blankets, FB rainforest activity mat,  Swaddle me swaddlers, Baby Jogger City Mini, Diaper genie

Likes:  Eating, sleeping on mommy or daddy, his swing, baths, going on walks, watching the mobile in his crib and pack n play 

Dislikes: pacifiers, the car seat if it isn't moving, and tummy time 

Crying: He only cries when he's hungry 

Milestones: Lots of firsts this month!  Walk in the stroller, Bath, Lunch outing, Dinner outing, Dipping toes in the pool

Social/Visitors: The visitors have definitley slowed down but we have been getting out and doing so many things.  I've taken Miller to lunch by myself, out running errands by myself, Kyle and I took him out to dinner twice.  He's also gotten to spend time with his grandparents and great grandmother.  He travels well so far and having a bottle on hand makes everything much easier for me!

 Postpartum: I can say that I am fully recovered and finally feel like myself again! I have about 10lbs to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but it doesn't seem like anything is in the same place anymore.   I have been walking and trying to do at least a mile a day with the baby and dog.  I will say pushing a stroller while trying to wrangle a crazy puppy is pretty exhausting.   I go to the doctor next week and I'm hoping to get the clear to start exercising so I can start to tone up


Five on Friday

TGIF!! Are you all happy it's Friday?  Honestly right now all my days and nights are running together but I am  happy it's Friday and Kyle will be home this weekend so Mama can relax and maybe get a mani/pedi! Ahhh it's the little things. 

I'm linking up again with the ladies about to share 5 things I'm loving right now:

1. Baked Cheesy Chicken Chimichanga 
I pinned this recipe last week when I was craving mexican food and decided to make it.  Let me tell you not only is this recipe EASY but these chimichangas are delicious and the leftovers are great to take for lunch.  I put salsa, jalepeno tabasco, and sour cream on top of mine and it was perfect. The bonus is that these are baked not fried like regular chimichangas so you can consider them "healthy."  (PS- I hate cooking but I'm trying slowly to add more recipes to dinner menu and I'm trying to learn to like it)

2. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

I have been a long time devotee to Loreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer but when I was in Rite Aid recently they were out so I picked up the Jergens version.  I have to say I was pleasently surprised.  The smell is a little strong but it definitely left me with a nice glow after only 2 days of use. It's nice to be able to quickly fake a little glow this summer since I haven't really had a chance to lay out and enjoy the sun. 

3. Playtex Nursers with Drop In Liners

If there is one thing I have learned in the 3 weeks I've been a mom it's that your baby will decide what he or she likes and dislikes, it doesn't matter that you have at least 10 Avent Bottles (that everyone said you have to have!) if your baby doesn't like them too bad.   We have tried quite a few bottles and while he doesn't hate any of them in particular we have found that these seem to mimic breastfeeding the most for Miller.  The drop in liners also mean they are a bit easier to clean than some bottles that seem to have 100 pieces to them. 

4.Essie Topless and Barefoot Nail Polish

I love nothing more than a nude nail polish in the summer and this has been my go to polish for years now.  If you are looking for a good nude- you have to try this one

5.My Sister, Priscilla

I could not have gotten through the last few weeks without my sister!  I am so lucky that she is on summer break right now and is willing to spend her precious vacation time hanging out with me and Miller.  She has let me nap, done laundry, washed my dishes, grocery shopped, entertained Miller, entertained Layla, kept me company, run errands with me, etc, etc.  I could go on forever but she has been absolutely priceless and has made this transition so much easier for me and Kyle.  I don't know that I can thank her enough for all she's done for us!



Baby Mills: 2 Weeks!

I can't believe this little guy has been with us for 2 weeks!  These past two weeks have flown by and we can't imagine life without him.

Weight: Our little guy lost 10oz in the hospital so he was down to 7lbs 3oz when we left the hospital on 6/30 but at his first pediatrican appointment on 7/2 he was up to 7lbs 9oz!  At his second one on 7/5 he was up to 8lbs! He LOVES to eat and so far this guy is a champ!

Clothes:  He has been wearing Newborn clothes since he was born but they are starting to get a little small.  He's still super skinny but he's getting too long for the NB sizes so we've been putting him in 3 month onesies and pajamas and he seems more comfortable

Health: So far so good! He does get hiccups or spits up if we lay him flat too soon after eating so we try to keep him propped up on our shoulders or chest for at least 20 minutes after he eats. 

Diet: 100% Breastmilk- so far we have had such an easy time with breastfeeding. I'm not trying to brag because I know I'm only 2 weeks in and some women really struggle with it but honestly it has been really easy for us.   I was very nervous and hesitant going into it but it's like Mills knew what he was doing right away and it's been great for both of us.   I also started pumping right away so he gets a bottle usually every other day and we started right when we got home from the hospital. 
Sleep: He still has his days and nights mixed up but that's to be expected for now and we really don't have a schedule yet but roughly he usually sleeps from 8-10 and then 11-1 and then hopefully 3-7. 

 Layla is slowly getting used to our new addition 

Baby Gear Love:  Fisher Price cradle n swing- this is hands down our lifesaver right now.  Mills sleeps in it at night and during the day- we now have 2- thanks to my great sister and brother in law for the hand me down so we can keep one upstairs and downstairs, Chicco car seat- thankfully once the car is moving he loves it, Carters swaddle blankets.

Likes:  Eating, sleeping on mommy or daddy,  car rides, the swing. 

Dislikes: pacifiers, Rock n play sleeper

Crying: So far he really only cries or fusses when he's hungry

Milestones: 1st bottle on 7/2, 1st holiday and holiday party on 7/4, 1st trip to Target on 7/10

 Squeezing into my newborn pjs- I think this might be the last week for them
 Sleeping in my favorite spot

Social/Visitors: We have had so many visitors! I can't even begin to name everyone who has come to visit or help us or bring food and gifts- all three of us have been so spoiled!

 Postpartum: In the ended I gained about 40lbs total during my 40 weeks of pregnancy.  So far I am already down 27lbs! I wish I could tell you what I've been doing but I have zero idea because I'm still eating like I'm pregnant. 
I have officially started my diet today... boooo.  Due to my c-section I can't workout for at least 6 weeks so I know that until I can get back into my workout routine that I need to cut the junk out of my diet.  I have about 13lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I'm hoping to add at least another 5lbs onto that eventually so I can get down to a more "happy weight"

  4th of July party! 

Green smoothie starts day one of the diet



Welcome to Your World! Introducing Miller Davis

Sorry for the radio silence but I've been quite busy....

Introducing our newest and most precious family member! 

Miller Davis
June 27, 2013
7lbs 13oz 
20in long 

Miller was born via scheduled c-section at 11:01 last Thursday and has been stealing our hearts ever since!  He is the most precious babe ever and is honestly sooo good so far. He seriously only fusses when he's hungry and already sleeps in 4 hour stretches.

I had never planned to have a c-section through the 9 months of my pregnancy but at my 40 week appointment me and my doctor determined after a sonogram that this was the direction we should go.  (I will give more details later)  Let me say this- a scheduled c-section is not necessarily easier! I had a tough time post-op and could still barely walk when I left after a 4 day stay. I'm feeling much better now but it was not what I expected. Kyle was absolutely amazing during our hospital stay and I could not have done it without him. 

Last pics before baby...

 Meeting Miller for the first time

 In recovery

 1st family photo... not the best but we tried

First bath

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