Baby Mills: 2 Weeks!

I can't believe this little guy has been with us for 2 weeks!  These past two weeks have flown by and we can't imagine life without him.

Weight: Our little guy lost 10oz in the hospital so he was down to 7lbs 3oz when we left the hospital on 6/30 but at his first pediatrican appointment on 7/2 he was up to 7lbs 9oz!  At his second one on 7/5 he was up to 8lbs! He LOVES to eat and so far this guy is a champ!

Clothes:  He has been wearing Newborn clothes since he was born but they are starting to get a little small.  He's still super skinny but he's getting too long for the NB sizes so we've been putting him in 3 month onesies and pajamas and he seems more comfortable

Health: So far so good! He does get hiccups or spits up if we lay him flat too soon after eating so we try to keep him propped up on our shoulders or chest for at least 20 minutes after he eats. 

Diet: 100% Breastmilk- so far we have had such an easy time with breastfeeding. I'm not trying to brag because I know I'm only 2 weeks in and some women really struggle with it but honestly it has been really easy for us.   I was very nervous and hesitant going into it but it's like Mills knew what he was doing right away and it's been great for both of us.   I also started pumping right away so he gets a bottle usually every other day and we started right when we got home from the hospital. 
Sleep: He still has his days and nights mixed up but that's to be expected for now and we really don't have a schedule yet but roughly he usually sleeps from 8-10 and then 11-1 and then hopefully 3-7. 

 Layla is slowly getting used to our new addition 

Baby Gear Love:  Fisher Price cradle n swing- this is hands down our lifesaver right now.  Mills sleeps in it at night and during the day- we now have 2- thanks to my great sister and brother in law for the hand me down so we can keep one upstairs and downstairs, Chicco car seat- thankfully once the car is moving he loves it, Carters swaddle blankets.

Likes:  Eating, sleeping on mommy or daddy,  car rides, the swing. 

Dislikes: pacifiers, Rock n play sleeper

Crying: So far he really only cries or fusses when he's hungry

Milestones: 1st bottle on 7/2, 1st holiday and holiday party on 7/4, 1st trip to Target on 7/10

 Squeezing into my newborn pjs- I think this might be the last week for them
 Sleeping in my favorite spot

Social/Visitors: We have had so many visitors! I can't even begin to name everyone who has come to visit or help us or bring food and gifts- all three of us have been so spoiled!

 Postpartum: In the ended I gained about 40lbs total during my 40 weeks of pregnancy.  So far I am already down 27lbs! I wish I could tell you what I've been doing but I have zero idea because I'm still eating like I'm pregnant. 
I have officially started my diet today... boooo.  Due to my c-section I can't workout for at least 6 weeks so I know that until I can get back into my workout routine that I need to cut the junk out of my diet.  I have about 13lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I'm hoping to add at least another 5lbs onto that eventually so I can get down to a more "happy weight"

  4th of July party! 

Green smoothie starts day one of the diet



  1. What a cutie pie! Its crazy how fast the first few weeks flew by. Lucky you, sounds like bf is a breeze!! Enjoy this first month.

  2. Glad to hear everything is going so well! Once you get further along, do a post with your favorite baby gear to help us expecting moms decide what to get! Good luck with diet....I'm not looking forward to that...

  3. You look wonderful! The weight will come off, it just takes a while. He is absolutley adorable. Good for you for introducing the bottle right away. It will make you life much much easier in the long run!

  4. He is getting even more adorable! You look great and it is awesome that you are just losing weight like that! He sounds like he is such a great baby! I'm so happy for you!

  5. He is just adorable! And you look great! 27lbs is awesome! Glad BFing is going so well and you're enjoying your time with your sweet boy!

  6. so this is really funny...when you did your pregnancy updates, i felt like i could have written them myself, and now that our little guys are here, i almost feel like i could have written this update as well! our experiences have been so similar! i'm glad he is doing well...he's super cute!!

    why can't we live closer to each other so we can have playdates?!?? ;)

  7. He is SUCH a cutie and you look great girl!!


  8. So glad to hear that things are going well! You look great, too! And that boy is too adorable!

  9. He looks older than 2 weeks! Glad things are going well.

  10. Congrats! He's so cute. Happy you're doing well!

  11. Wow you've already lost a TON of weight and look great! It took me a while because I was so swollen and full of fluids even after delivery for a couple weeks. Also, I ate even more becasue breastfeeding made me SO hungry! I'm glad things seem to be going so smoothly!

  12. What a cute little man! I'm so happy breastfeeding is going well for you and you are settling in. It's weird how two weeks have flown by in some regards, but then dragged in others. I love that our boys are so close in age!

  13. Mills is adorable and you look fabulous! Congratulations on this new adventure!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. SO EXCITED FOR YOU.... soak it all in --- these days are so precious! He's an absolute doll!

  15. Aw that's awesome you're losing the baby weight and that breastfeeding is going well for you both! You look great-- so happy!

    On a side note, I'm glad to hear that you are pumping already and bottle feeding him every other day. I would like to do the same If I'm able. Are you exclusively feeding him with the bottles or is hubby helping, etc.? I have read conflicting things about introducing the bottle too early, but I want my husband included in the process as well. Your thoughts on this would be helpful :) thanks girl!

  16. So glad Miller was doing so well for you with nursing and that's great he seems to be doing great with it still, too! I sure hope Ava takes to it easily for the both of us! haha

  17. So glad Miller was doing so well for you with nursing and that's great he seems to be doing great with it still, too! I sure hope Ava takes to it easily for the both of us! haha


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