Friday Five Randoms


Can you believe it's December and that 2013 is almost over?  I know everyone has been saying that this week but 2013 has really flown by for me this year. 

1. Miller's 1st Thanksgiving
Miller's First Thanksgiving was a success!  We had a great time up in PA and he finally got to meet his great grandparents on Kyle's side along with tons of aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  Traveling with a dog and baby is much harder than just the two of us and I swear it's taken me this whole week to recover from our 4 day trip but it was worth it!

Baby Cole Haan!!

 My big boy loved the high chair!  I think it's time we break ours out 

I can't get over those thighs!

2. Hardwood Floors 
We are putting hardwood floors down through out the whole first floor during our kitchen renovation.  At first we were dead set on dark espresso colored floors but after much research it sounds like those require cleaning every single day and let's be honest- that's not happening around here.   So back to the drawing board we went. 
While up in PA we visited a friend's new condo in Philly and I feel in love with their hardwoods and I think we've found an almost perfect match.

I'm thinking this style will help hide dirt, dust, and scratches that are inevitable with a dog and baby. 

3. Christmas Cards
I'm am so behind this year.  I had all these high hopes of getting a good family photo of us and that has yet to happen so I'm thinking I might just include a mini collage of Miller pictures of the past few months.
Does anyone have a favorite Christmas card site?  In the past I've used Shutterfly but I'm thinking of trying something different this year

4. Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair
Santa will be bringing Miller this chair:

I've been obsessed with these chairs even before I was pregnant so I couldn't wait to buy one for Miller

5. Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam Candle 
I wanted to get a Nest Holiday candle but I'm too nervous to bring Miller into our fancy candle shop because I'm convinced he's going to knock something over so I ran into Bath and Body Works to see if they had anything I liked and this candle is perfect.  It smells just like a fresh cut Christmas tree and the scent isn't too over powering at all. 



  1. Your little boy is adorable!! I love the new floors you are putting in... I can't wait to get into renovations on our home! TGIF to you! xoxo, Lindsay

  2. I am using picaboo this year for cards I think. They have some sweet deals!

  3. I have used Tiny Prints for the last three years and love them! The constantly have sales too!

  4. Those floors are PERFECT!!!!!!!! Please share the details!!!!

  5. Millers chubby thighs are perfect! I don't do Christmas cards so have no advice. Great floors!

  6. Love that family picture from Thanksgiving! Miller is too cute. And growing so fast! Love those floors! And you're right - who the heck has time to clean the floors everyday? Not me! We used Shutterfly again this year because they just seem to be the most affordable and the quality is still good. As much as I loved some of the designs on Minted, I couldn't justify the extra cost. (I googled for coupon codes and found quite a few so give that a try.)

  7. We have hard wood floors all throughout our house and as much I love them I also hate them! They're full of scratches from the dog and dirt shows up so well. At the same time they are easy to clean. Can you see my love/hate relationship with them?! Yours look great by the way!

  8. Miller's outfit for Thanksgiving was too cute! Glad the holiday was a success!

  9. Miller's holiday outfit is just too cute to handle! We used Minted for our holiday cards last year and I was a very happy customer!

  10. Vistaprint equaled BIG SAVINGS for this girl. I blogged about it twice I was so thrilled with myself, lol. :)

  11. what a little cutie - I love his chunky thighs! I always wished Olivia's would fill out and be all chunky but they never did :(

  12. He is such a cutie!! mpix.com has great cards!!

  13. Miller's Thanksgiving outfit and those little loafers are the cutest! I think Greyson needs a pair too! I wonder if you guys hit PA near where I'm from! Those floors are a fab color and I think that is a great neutral and will be easy to keep clean. I have had great card luck with Tiny Prints and Zazzle. Zazzle offers serious discounts too if you get on their mailing list!

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