Diaper Bag and Hospital Bag Questions

I had another post planned for today but Blogger does not want to cooperate!! Ahhhhhh!

So instead I have a questions for you moms out there...

1. When you had a newborn/infant did you carry a purse and diaper bag or just a diaper bag?  

2. If you only carried one bag- did you put all your stuff (like wallet, lip gloss, etc) into a small bag in your diaper bag or just put it in loose? 

3. What exactly should I/will I pack in my diaper bag? Are there any helpful hints you have for packing a diaper bag so I don't bring everything with me?  

4. Do I bring my diaper bag to the hospital with me when I deliver or just pack stuff for the baby in my bag? 

5.  What exactly should I pack in my hospital bag?  What type of clothes will I want to wear post labor?  

6. Should I bring all my make up, hair dryer, etc?   

If there is anything else I have forgotten that you want to add any advice would be appreciated!!



  1. I plan on just carrying one bag as both my diaper bag and purse, which explains why I wanted to get a bag that looked more like a purse than a diaper bag. I'm not sure how it will work out but we'll see. I can't wait to hear what other people's responses are!

  2. not a mom, or even an expectant mom, but at a baby shower last week, a friend insisted to the showeree needed to bring her boppy/breastfrend/whatever to the hospital. thought that was interesting advice.

  3. 1. I carry only a purse/diaper bag combo. It's a purse, not a bag intended for use as a diaper bag, but I carry my stuff and baby stuff in it.
    2. I put wallet, sunglass case in loose, and have a few small bags/cases to hold lipgloss, hair ties, pens, etc. Keeps things organized.
    3. What I carry has evolved over time and depends on how long I plan to be gone. Always diapers and wipes. When she was younger, a burpcloth was a necessity. From there, I'd add in a paci, bottle/sippy cup, toys, snacks, etc based on the trip. I try to carry as little as possible.
    4. I did not pack a diaper bag and don't think you need to. They have all the diapers, wipes, creams, etc you'll need. If a baby needs it, they have it. I'd just toss anything you may want for the baby (outfits, special blankets) in the bags you pack for yourself.
    5. Hospital bag - pack comfy, roomy clothes to wear post delivery. Think PJs/lounge clothes. And not in pre-pregnancy sizes. Unless you're one of the crazy lucky ones, you'll still look pregnant and need larger clothes. Maybe a long tunic/nightgown in case you end up with a c-section so it won't hurt the incision. (I didn't have one so I'm not the expert here.) A few hospital bag essentials for me were my iPad, phone, camera - and chargers for all of these, hair ties, chapstick (I think the panting dries out your lips), clothes for the baby. I brought the boppy and never used it but I never did find it incredibly useful for nursing.
    6. I brought my own toiletries, makeup, blowdryer and straightner. At some point after delivery I got a shower with my own shampoo and conditioner and it was the best feeling ever. I didn't do makeup or straighten my hair until the day we went home but I was happy to have those things there so I could do that.

    Sorry for such a long comment!

  4. Melissa put it perfectly above! I would add dry shampoo in case you aren't up for a shower, I took several but we wound up being in the hospital longer than anticipated and I wish I had some toward the end. A bit of makeup, bb cream,bronzer,blush and mascara helped me feel a bit better:)

  5. I only carry one bag, and it's actually a really big purse since I didn't like the looks of my diaper bag. I just throw in my wallet, phone and lipstick. The main things you want, diapers, wipes, change of clothes (for potential blowouts), extra bottle of milk or formula, some toys and snacks (as they get older).

    I didn't bring a diaper bag to the hospital just had everything in my hospital bag. Make sure you bring loose fitting, comfy clothes, probably maternity clothes since you will still most likely have a belly afterwards. Also, if it's warm I would suggest a sundress or something similar in case you need a C-section, you don't want pants that will hit right where your incision will be. I brought makeup and toiletries but didn't even use them until the last day because I felt so crappy hence why all the pics of me in the hospital are awful.

  6. We have a diaper bag that we always keep packed/stocked and I didn't start carrying it until she got bigger. I still carry a purse, but would just toss what I needed from my purse into the diaper bag. My husband wasn't keen on the ones that look stylish so we actually use an LL Bean boat tote and it has worked because we both can use it. My bag evolved over time as their needs change.

    For the hospital-I agree with Melissa. I wanted lotion and chapstick because my skin/lips were so dry. I took my own pillow (in a colored case) and that made me happy because their pillows were flimsy. I took my boppy but didn't use it and when I got home I used the mybrestfriend pillow. That worked so much better for me. xxoo

  7. I had quite the problem figuring out what to pack and what not to pack this time around, since I was already in the hospital in pre-term labor I realized some things I was missing from my bag that I would like to have handy. Besides the basic going home outfit, I knew I wanted to have my own pads because the ones in the hospital are like diapers, I also wanted a comfy sports bra, I know some women are comfortable letting it all hang out but me? I like to feel support, and I feel like I'm exposing myself when I don't have a bra on.. I say sports bra because those are just more comfy. I also made hubby go get a blanket and pillow from home, and I felt SO much better when I had a little piece of home with me. Chapstick and lotion, hair ties and/or clips, some BB cream or light foundation (some ladies so don't worry about bringing makeup, but I'm pretty sure I would have died without mine, putting on some makeup in the morning made me feel better about myself and I didn't feel so blah when people came to visit.) Take a hair dryer, the one in my hospital room SUCKED and I'm pretty sure it would have taken an hour for me to blow dry my hair with it.

  8. I used a real diaper bag w my daughter and Im using a regular bag with my son. I keep everyting in the same bag.

    You wont need diapers/wipes in the hospital so the diaper bag is sort of unnecessary. My advice for the hospital is top bring everything that you think you might want. If you dont use it, who cares?

    New follower.

  9. If I go out with my son I just bring a diaper bag. I put my wallet in it. I keep a small cosmetic case in his diaper bag with my stuff at all times so I'm not always unloading purse into diaper bag, i just bought two of things I use a lot (chap stick, mints, hair ties, tampons, lotion).

  10. Hi! I came across your blog and am so enjoying every your post, especially baby since we are expecting our first baby, boy, in the beginning of July. I love this post because your questions are exactly the same questions I have had in my mind. I am learning lots from your readers.

  11. Oh Nat, I have got all sorts of advice, ha ha!
    1- I just do a diaper bag. I got a petunia picklebottom and I believe it was worth every penny! I LOVE it because of the backpack straps. I hate the one shoulder thing, especially when carrying a baby or baby in the car seat. Such a pain! But I have friends who just use large purses and they love it. So it just depends on what you like.
    2- Trust me... you'll ONLY want one bag when you are out and about with the baby. When I'm out with Mia I obviously take my diaper bag and I just throw my wallet and phone in there. I have a lip gloss and gum that stay in a side pocket permanently.
    3- I ALWAYS have diapers, wipes, a swaddle blanket, a couple little toys and change of clothes. I never take those out. Then depending on the weather or how long I'm going to be gone or if someone is watching her... I pack a heavier blanket, a bottle (I nurse) and anything I need depending on the occasion. But I try to keep it packed with the necessities at all times so that I don't have to worry about forgetting something when I'm in a rush to get out the door.
    4- Don't take your diaper bag to the hospital. Just put stuff for baby in your duffel bag. The hospital provides everything for you (like clothes, we got a bow for Mia and a couple different beanies, diapers, wipes, swaddle blankets. I mean, they give you everything except for cute outfits. But we didn't even bother with that until we put her in her going home outfit. Way easier that way.)
    5- I only packed my going home outfit, which was a sweatpant outfit. I wore my hospital gown the whole time. It was so much easier with nursing. Plus you never know what could happen. If you were to get a c-section I guarantee you'll only want to wear the hospital gown. So unless it's a big deal to you, I wouldn't worry about clothes. NOTHING is comfortable after you had a baby :)
    6- I did bring my own shower supplies, make up, blow dryer and straightener.
    I hope I didn't discourage you! I just kept it simple and it made life so much easier! It was nice to come home from the hospital and relax, instead of having to unpack my whole closet and have tons of laundry to do :)

  12. p.s. Don't forget chargers for your phone!!

  13. I have so many of the same questions! I loved reading through all of the comments and hearing everybody's opinions.

  14. Make sure that what’s inside your diaper bag are the most important things that you and your infant need. I’m not yet a mom, but my friends were constantly talking about their diaper bags. They’re carrying a diaper bag only and they’re keeping it very organized. Well, I think Melissa and Courtney’s comments can give you the best ideas, as they gave me an idea too. :)

    -Leonia Shearer-

  15. I have found what works best for me is to keep all of my purse "things" in a small little LV pouch (that I used as a purse in college) and my wallet and put those in the diaper bag. It was way too hard for me to have it loose in the bag. I can also easily throw them into a purse with a small changing kit and be good to go too! You really don't need a diaper bag at the hospital. They will give you everything you need and I never needed it either time. It was just something extra to have to carry out. I packed my own toiletries for the hospital but skipped on hair tools because I was too exhausted for anything. There was no way I was getting makeup on either because I never had time. I would say pack comfy sweats and tee shirts... lots of layers because your body temperature is all sorts of funky after delivery. Thick, comfy socks are a MUST during labor and after! I also packed nursing PJ's and a warm robe. I only packed pants and tops that were maternity because they are gentler and you still will feel a few months pregnant when you leave. Finally, bring a comfy pillow!

  16. I loved reading everyone's suggestions! Great questions!

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