Maternity Fashion: My Must Have Items

Now that I am well into my second trimester and only a few weeks away from my third I thought I would share with you all some maternity clothes that I have loved over the past few weeks and will hopefully take me well into my last trimester.

The hardest part about maternity shopping is that you can't start too soon because you're just going to get bigger so what fits at 20 weeks might be too small by 30 weeks, so I've been very cautious and I've been trying to buy things I'll grow into.

$12.99 each- wore these even when I wasn't pregnant because they're so comfortable and long enough to cover my long torso. 
I am obsessed with these tank tops! I am tall and have a long torso so finding long enough tank tops is tough as it is but even harder with a growing belly.   This is a great piece to wear under as a shirt as a camisole, to wear alone to work out, or to wear out with a cardigan. It doesn't have the scrunched sides so it  looks like a regular tank top.   I will probably continue to wear these even after I'm not pregnant.   I have it in white, black, coral, and plum.  The bonus- they are cheap- but not cheaply made.

$24.98- currently buy one get one 50% off!! I have two  pairs of these and lived in them during my pregnancy. They are perfect with a long tank and oversized sweater
I wondered into Motherhood Maternity when I was about 20 weeks pregnant and they happened to be having a buy one, get one free sale on these leggings.  On a whim I decided to pick them up and I LOVE them!  They are not very thick but they totally get the job done.  I have worn them under dresses, alone with tanks and big cardigans, I worn them working out, etc.  The have the full belly panel which I know some people hate but I love it because I don't like things pushing too hard into my belly.

$24.99- they still sell this but have limited sizes left. This is a great work staple especially going into fall/winter.
I was lucky enough to be given some maternity clothes from my sister in law and this dress happened to be in the pile.  My favorite part about this dress is that it doesn't scream maternity dress and it's super comfortable.   I have it in a size medium and it fits me now with plenty of room to keep growing but it doesn't look to big.  I would recommend this dress to all my pregnant friends. 

$54.95- LOVED these pants and lived in these for my whole pregnancy and even afterwards. They are really flattering and don't look like maternity pants at all. 

I first discovered these pants when I saw my sister in law wearing these last fall. They looked so great on her and didn't look like maternity pants at all.  I finally picked up a pair last week now that the weather is warming up around here and I have no compliants! I think I've worn them four times already.  They are a nice material that works during this in between weather but won't be too heavy come June.   The do have a demi panel but I've found that Gap's demi panel is nice and thick and doesn't cut into my bump.

**I didn't see these on the site anymore but I loved that these sat under my belly and never had a problem  with them getting too tight, even at the end.

My mom gave me these jeans for my birthday and they've pretty much been my go-to ever since.  They are much lighter than normal jean material- probably similar to jeggings and they are so comfy!  The are the stretch pocket version so they sit under my belly now but I haven't found them uncomfortable at all. 

That's my best advice so far! I have a feeling as my belly gets bigger the next few weeks I'm have some more opinions and most clothing options that will become by go to- especially once the weather warms up. 



  1. I still rock a maternity tank from time to time. They are longer and I like that!!

  2. I still wear those Target tanks! They are literally the best tank tops ever! And I love, love, love the Gap's maternity denim and pants! H&M has some cute maternity tops and bottoms too that I discovered way too late into my pregnancy!

  3. These are great maternity options! I feel like there is so much stuff out there these days it's much easier to still look cute while preggers. :-)

  4. I have a dress very similar to that one that I got a few years ago at Motherhood. There are a lot more options out there for pregnant women (thankfully). I feel like the selection is better in just the past 4 years since I had my first baby...


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  5. You are one stylish mama, I love it! I know this sounds crazy, but I can't wait to dress up a belly someday. Famous last words, right!?

  6. I love your picks! Dressing the bump is getting more and more challenging; especially since we are transitioning from winter to spring! I have winter pants and summer pants, but this in between yucky weather we have been having is tricky! It stinks investing in clothes that I know I won't wear for long!

  7. I STILL wear the long and lean tanks!! Love them!

  8. I'm not pregnant anymore but I still wear my black legging and my skinny jeans. They are great for my wardrobe. I even wear them at work. I hope my friends can buy maternity tops online that they like. And I hope they will follow your advice.


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