I want to hear about YOU!

I get so many wonderful blog comments, tweets, instagram comments from all my readers on a weekly basis and it's making me curious to learn more about you all. 

Especially the ones that I know read but may not comment all the time or ones that may not have commented at all or people who follow me but I can't figure out if you have a blog or not! 

So here is what I'm asking...

1.What's your location? 
2. Occupation?
3. Favorite Book of all time? Try to pick only 1. 
4. Guilty Pleasure?  
5. Favorite place to shop? 
6. Do you have a blog? If so what's the address, so I can follow along! 

So I'll go first... 

1. Maryland
2. Real estate agent
3. Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood
4. Teenage trash shows on ABC Family 
5. J.Crew or J.Crew Factory
and you all obviously know my blog :) 

 Just go ahead and leave your answers in the comments.   

In case you need a cute dog to lure you in to answering... Layla says Hi! 



  1. Layla looks like Animal from the Muppets in that photo.

  2. Fun! You probably know all my answers but you're one of my faves to follow :)
    1.Montgomery County, MD
    2. Caterer/Party Planner
    3.One Hundred Years of Solitude, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    4.Playing hooky
    5. JCrew and Uniqlo
    6. On a blogging break for now, hopefully I'll be back one day!

  3. Fun idea!
    1. Orlando, Florida
    2. Attorney
    3. To Kill a Mockingbird
    4. McDonald's diet cokes
    5. Baby Gap and any good shoe department!
    6. I blog (sporadically) at www.forthelove-mb.blogspot.com

  4. 1. Charleston, SC
    2. Logistics for a Sailboat Builder
    3.Scarlet Feather by Maeve Binchy
    5.Target. So not original.
    6.www.katiesperk.blogspot.com The Perks

    1. I have always wondered what you do! That sounds awesome!!!

  5. 1. Coastal SC
    2. Marketing for an architecture firm
    3. The Great Gatsby
    4. Pedicures
    5. Online :) I'm no fun to shop with in stores
    6. No blog, but I'm a instagrammin-fool! @lharrelson

  6. 1. Northern VA
    2. Project Manager
    3. Hunger Games Trilogy
    4. Target
    5. http://segloveskep.blogspot.com/ and IG name is SEP0522

  7. Great idea!
    1. Northern VA
    2) Interior Designer
    3) Beyond the Earth and Sky
    4) J.Crew, Nordstrom
    5) www.perfectlyputtogether.blogspot.com
    6) Going through blog update now and will return soon!

  8. 1. New York City
    2. Social Media Manager @ BaubleBar
    3. ANYTHING by Chelsea Handler
    4. british reality tv
    5. nordstrom
    6. http://withach.com

  9. First, Layla is adorable! Second...

    1. Boston, Mass.
    2. Content Producer & Social Media Manager
    3. White Oleander
    4. Real Housewives
    5. J.Crew all day, errday.
    6. the saga of a twenty-something :)

  10. So fun, love this!

    1. Princeton, NJ
    2. Ultrasound Sonographer
    3. Redeeming Love
    4. Mani/Pedi and reality TV!
    5. Target - beauty, clothes AND food? yes please ;)
    6. http://thesadlows.blogspot.com ("All You Need Is Love")

  11. Baltimore!
    Work for a private educational company
    I am Charolette Simmons
    Pedicures, baths and Home goods
    Saving best for last...on my iPad and to annoying to post link :) but I think you know it!

  12. 1. Leesburg
    2. Consultant
    3. The Notebook
    4. Real Housewives!!
    5. South Moon Under
    6. peekofchic.blogspot.com

  13. 1.Currently in Blacksburg, VA. Permanent residence is in Edgewater, MD. Miss Annapolis so bad!!!!!
    2. Stay at home mom to 2 boys (5&3). Used to be a staff accountant for a real estate company in Severna Park.
    3. The Great Gatsby
    4. Reading/Watching the news
    5. The Gap
    6. swellsimplifiedlife.wordpress.com a work in progress and something I hope to get back into.

  14. Look at you, just full of good ideas!

    1. Greenville, SC (but Atlanta will always be home!)
    2. Event planner and designer
    3. "Bitter is the New Black" by Jen Lancaster
    4. Really cheesy pop music (see: Justin Beiber, Ke$ha, etc). Oh, and McDonald's Happy Meals with a diet coke.
    5. Zara
    6. All the Things, Etc ( www.allthethingsetc.blogspot.com ;)

  15. Love this. Thank you!
    1. Charlotte, NC
    2. Property Managment/Real Estate
    3. Anything Emily Giffin
    4. Shopping
    5. J Crew (ask me again next week)
    6. Looks Like LuLu (www.lookslikelulu.blogspot.com

  16. Great Link Up! Thanks!
    ~ Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (I know crazy:)
    ~ First Grade Teacher
    ~ Mark of the Lion Series, Francine Rivers
    ~ Popcorn with hot sauce
    ~ Marshalls and Resale shops!
    ~ www.blueeyelife.com (It is my brand new baby, still working on my logo)

  17. Such a fun idea! And I just realized that most of the time when I comment from my phone, it never makes it to your blog; oops!
    1. New Hampshire
    2. Elementary Special Education teacher
    3. Anything Nora Roberts
    4. Candy
    5. Target or Old Navy (I'm cheap and love a good bargain!)
    6. All It Takes is Faith & Trust (www.alittlebitofpixiedust.com)

  18. 1. South Carolina! 30 miles from Charleston
    2. Mommy and part-time employee for a veterinarian
    3. Fifty Shades. Do not judge.
    4. Blog stalking
    5. Charlotte, NC (a road trip). Or Target. I go in for bread & come out with $200 worth of crapola!
    6. Raising "Twingles"

  19. oh yes jcrew or jcrew factory they are my guilty pleasure and favorite places to shop for sure!!

  20. Love this!

    1. Right outside NYC in NJ
    2. Real Estate Marketing/Mom
    3. The Great Gatsby
    4. Same thing as you, especially Secret Life
    5. JCrew all the way
    6. Pink and Fabulous www.pinkandfablife.blogspot.com

  21. Such a great idea!

    1. Charleston, SC
    2. Paralegal
    3. Either Something Borrowed or Something Blue (they come as as package deal right?)
    4. Mindless Television and Diet Coke
    5. J.Crew/J.Crew Factory and Target!
    6. Guard Your Heart, www.shannonmvaughn.blogspot.com

  22. Love this!

    1.I'm an East Coast Chic, too ~ Boston, MA.
    2. I teach fifth grade Math/Science & am working on my Master's in Special Education K-8.
    3. It is so hard to pick one book so one of my favorites is "The Help"
    4. Reality TV, Cool Ranch Doritos and a fountain diet coke
    5. Homegoods
    6. I blog at www.lifelovedinner.blogspot.com

  23. Clearly I'm a little behind in my reader woops. Oh well.

    1. Washington, D.C. (for now, but I'm moving south in August)
    2. Legislative Assistant for a Utility Company--- soon to be law student
    3. I loved the hunger games.
    4. Anything real housewife.
    5. The Limited, TJ Maxx and Macy's.
    6. I'm at bluedogbelle.blogspot.com

  24. What a great idea! Sorry I'm late and just catching up on my blog posts. Here goes!

    1. What's your location? = St. Louis, MO
    2. Occupation? = Securities Attorney
    3. Favorite Book of all time? Try to pick only 1. = Memoirs of a Geisha
    4. Guilty Pleasure? = bad teenager TV (Vampire Diaries, Switched at Birth, Pretty Little Liars)
    5. Favorite place to shop? = Nordstrom
    6. Do you have a blog? If so what's the address, so I can follow along! = of course! www.runninglawyer.blogspot.com

  25. I am addicted to Pretty Little Liars. And I love Switched at Birth.

    1.What's your location? Los Angeles
    2. Occupation? Nanny
    3. Favorite Book of all time? We Need to Talk About Kevin (total downer but I loved it)
    4. Guilty Pleasure? Drinking chocolate milk twice a day
    5. Favorite place to shop? Target
    6. Do you have a blog? If so what's the address, so I can follow along! nauticalbynatureblog.com

  26. Oh this is fun!

    1.What's your location?
    Orlando, FL
    2. Occupation?
    SAHW/soon to be SAHM and student (in school for teaching)
    3. Favorite Book of all time? Try to pick only 1.
    Um.. not a big book person, but I guess The Giving Tree. haha See, not a book person.
    4. Guilty Pleasure?
    Chick-Fil-A, pedicures, magazines, reality t.v., home decor stores
    5. Favorite place to shop?
    Home Goods and Target!
    6. Do you have a blog? If so what's the address, so I can follow along!


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