26 Weeks!

**First off you all are AWESOME!! Thank you for all the advice on the baby shower dresses.  I think I'm going to order a few of them to try on and then I'll let you know what I decide**

Secondly, this is what I'm going to look like at the beach this summer post baby...
She is a serious freak of nature... I just have to imagine that she's hungry all the time and has no idea what delicous food tastes like. 

Ok moving on... 

My bump is large and in charge- I can't imagine it getting bigger!! 

How Far Along:  
26 weeks- only 14 weeks to go! 
Baby Size:  
Cucumber- Baby is approximately 15 inches long and weighs approx 2.2lbs 
Total weight gain/loss: 
Up about 3lbs from my last appointment- which puts me on track for a pound a week- yay!
Maternity Clothes: 
Yes pretty much all maternity clothes these days 
Stretch Marks:
No and hoping it stays that way! 
I've starting sleeping with a pillow propped up under my back so I'm half on my side/half on my back and that has been helping tremendously. I'm hoping this is my sleep cure. I still wake up a few times to move around but I'm not quite in pain 
Best Moment of the Week: 
 Visiting with my in-laws and my husband's family.  My sister in law gave me all the clothes my nephew has grown out of so far- oh my gosh I can't get over all the little clothes!! He also got some super cute shoes!  
Miss Anything: 
My pre-baby body- I just want to shop at J.Crew and buy a bikini!! 
Yes he is one active boy- I'm pretty sure his kicks and punches are getting stronger.  He loves music and food! 
Food Cravings: 
Still milk and anything hot- the hotter the better, wing sauce, salsa, taco sauce, wasabi you name I want it hot. 
Still indigestion and heartburn- yuck.  I've been eating Tums like candy
Anything making your queasy or sick: 
Have you started to show yet: 
Labor Signs: 
Belly Button- In or Out?:
In but getting shallow
Wedding Rings- On or Off?:
Happy or Moody?:
Happy- I can't believe how fast this is all going! I'm starting to get nervous that June will be here before I know it
Looking forward to:
Shopping and lunch in DC with some girlfriends this weekend!  


  1. Haha..I seriously doubt I'll be in a bikini this summer. Although the thought is nice and it would be a good goal. But Savanna will only be about 7 weeks old when we go on our first beach trip! I SO miss being able to do my regular work outs:( You aren't even that big at 26 weeks! I feel huge right now!

  2. She is a freak of nature. I think most celebrities are! I am sure you will adorable this summer...babies are the best accessory!

  3. You look fantastic! I remember being puzzled at the concept that the bump could get bigger when I felt huge. It happens. You will be in your former clothes in no time. I am still not bikini ready, but that is my fault....

  4. You look so cute and getting cuter by each post! lol


  5. for real. she is freak. it's not normal. you look adorable!! and you'll be back in jcrew and bikini and with a baby in no time!


  6. You look fantastic! I was a giant whale my entire pregnancy, but it all comes off:) Have so much fun shopping this weekend

  7. I just found your blog and LOVE that you are going to be a boy Mom. They are the best!

  8. You are looking great Nat! Love the bump! Gisele is a total freak of nature.

  9. You look great! And no one really likes that post baby!!


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