Weekend Recap

First off let's talk about the best thing that happened all weekend: Destiny's Child Reunion!!!!

I have been a die hard Destiny's Child fan for many years and as much as I love some Beyonce by herself it just isn't the same without Kelly and Michelle. When I heard that Beyonce was performing I crossed my fingers and toes all week for a Destiny's Child reunion- I literally started screaming when I saw Kelly Rowland pop up on stage. So this is going down as the best half time show in my book. Can we also talk about how hot they all looked? Wow.

On Friday we took advantage of Baltimore's Restaurant Week and had dinner at Vino Rosina.  Sometimes restaurant week menus are a bust but I can say this was not the case at all.  I had the most delicious meal followed by some yummy coffee cake for dessert:

I worked most of Saturday so that sucked but I did spend some time playing with paint chips for a new project we have in the works that I'm super excited about:

We were supposed to head to a super bowl party on Sunday but we ended up just staying at home because Kyle was working all day.  That did not stop me from making my buffalo chicken dip and rice krispie treats.   Layla also enjoyed some puppy bowl and cuddling with us.
 Buffalo chicken dip ingredients

 Concentrating on the Puppy Bowl

Cuddling wth her baby brother

Oh and since I'm from Maryland I can't forget the most important win we have had all year:



  1. I freaked out when Destiny's Child was on stage - it was so amazing! And they all looked fabulous. We watched some of the puppy bowl until Matt got annoyed with it lol! And, as a Steelers fan I cannot be happy about the Super Bowl ;)


  2. So excited fro Destiny's Child hehe. And that dessert looks amazing!

  3. I made buffalo chicken dip too! It was delicious. Not a fan of Beyonce. I was hoping someone cool would come out, you know like when it was Brittney, JT and Aerosmith? That was amazing.

  4. Yay for Maryland! ;) Seriously Destiny's Child was amaze.

  5. Yes yes and yes!!!! I love destiny's child!

  6. I love destiny's child back in the day... and beyonce's dance moves killed it! Love the pics of your furbaby :)

    {love jenny xoxo}

  7. destiny's child reunion just about made my entire weekend - i was literally bouncing in my chair and squealing with delight!! ;)

  8. Yup I was like a reunion - AWESOME! Love your blog!

    I'm your newest follower and would love for your to visit me often! =)




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