I'm baaaack

I didn't mean to take the whole week off but it just kind of ended up that way.  We are just about officially moved into the new house!  I am not even close to completely unpacked or organized but it feels nice to be living in the new place.   I will have more pics of the house later this week.

Did you all watch the Oscars?  I thought Seth McFarlene was good! Obviously he was going to push the envelope- he's the creator of Family Guy and Ted- so that's a no brainer but I thought he did it well. 

So who was your best dressed?

  Mine was Jessica Chastain.  She tends to flop a lot but I think she really pulled it out with this one. I loved the simple hair and red lips. 

Did you all see who somehow got an invite to walk the red carpet?
Ugh- how did she even get an invite?  What is that trash she's wearing?  Just plain gross.

Look what I found while moving...
I totally popped it in the DVD player before we got our cable set up and watched all 3 discs while unpacking.  I just have to say that Jessica is an idiot.  He was so good to her.  I also forgot how obnoxious she was.

I made my first trip to Babies R Us.  It was incredibly overwhelming but also educational- who knew a little human needed so much stuff!   I took full advantage of the parking options. I figured why not?

Have any moms read this book?  
I saw it at Barnes and Noble and feel like I should pick it up but I wanted to see if anyone had read it or had any advice.  

While showing property to some clients over the weekend I ran into some Girl Scouts and just couldn't help myself.
I got 2 of each and I'm just about finished the first box of thin mints.  I don't know what they put in them but they're so damn addicting. 

We went to an in home wine tasting party over the weekend at a good friends house.   Don't worry I wasn't drinking at all but I did do some of the swirling and sniffing- it was fun to learn about different wines.  It definitely would have been more fun if I was actually tasting them of course.
Here's our crew: 

I just discovered our new Wegman's carries my Jelly Belly sours in their candy aisle.  This totally made my day.

I worked all weekend long so I treated myself to a movie last night when I got home.  Does anyone else love Zac Efron as much as I do?
The movie is a typical cheesy Nicholas Sparks but Zac looks so good in it. 

Now I'm off to more unpacking and catching up on my reader.  Hope you all are well!



  1. I thought Jessica C looks great as well!

    Who is that with the boobs??? Not gonna lie. I had a strapless bridesmaid dress, on the wedding day my time of the month started. Cue bigger boobs than normal. I was popping out, literally dress almost didn't zip at the top. It was AWFUL. I held my bouquet by my chest all night!

  2. i seriously can't believe brandi was on the red carpet, shameful to whoever let her on there!! my best dressed was charlize theron - she was absolutely stunning!!!

    a peek of chic

  3. congrats on the move! i liked seth too and so many people said they thought it was awful? oh well. ummm I need to watch those DVD's - i lived for that show. and seriously HOW was brandy there? whhaaattt?? gross dress too :)


  4. I don't even know who that is popping out of her dress but seriously why did they even let her in? xx


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