Random Tuesday

Hello Lovelies! How have you all been this week?  I have been soooo busy these past few days I feel like my head is spinning so let's talk about some important things on my mind.

First can we talk about this perfection:
I want to be her.

I don't really like her dress or hair but I do want to look like this one month after having a baby:
Seriously. Her son was born on December 17th.  

Did you all watch The Bachelor this week? 

Tierra is just awful.  She is going to be so much trouble and drama and I have a feeling some how she'll make it to the top 4 even though the girls repeatedly tell Sean she's crazy

It's a little less than 2 weeks until we find out what we're having but I can't help playing around on gender prediction websites.  Here is a fun one I found that does gender and date of birth.  The crazy thing is that I've been convinced since I got my due date of June 23 that I'm not going to have the baby until July 1

Natalie is expecting a baby!
Her due date is Sunday, June 23rd 2013.

we predict that she will have a
Monday, July 1st 2013
9:21 am
3450 g ~ 7 lbs, 10 oz
Get your prediction at Spacefem.com

We have some changes going on around here so lots of cleaning and packing when on this weekend...
This the donatation pile from our closet 

This is boxes of clothes and linens from our closet and the guest room closet... and this is just stuff we thinned out 

I'm obsessed with this dress and considering buying it 2 sizes up in hopes it fits me this spring/summer: 

Anyone else ready for spring to get here? We're pretty much just in the heart of winter here and I'm already over it. 

Hope you all are having a good Tuesday! 



  1. I want that dress too. They have it in a store in Harbor East. Every time I walk by I contemplate it...

  2. such a cute dress!! and i think any woman who's ever thought of having a baby hates claires danes JUST a little bit =)

  3. I'm not a fan of Claire Danes but I cannot deny that she looks fabulous post baby. And Kate's dress was perfect on her. Love that Lilly dress! I bet it would work for you. Maxis are so forgiving. I wore them all the time while pregnant.


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