February Wish List

**Thank you to everyone for all your sweet comments on yesterday's post!!** 

February not only brings Valentine's Day but also my Birthday!  Since we usually combine these two holidays into one I think I deserve some special treats- right?!

Here is what I currently have my eye on:

I really want a cute pair of flats to bring me into the spring and these look perfect.  The snake skin gives them something a little extra too

I really need want a new spring/summer bag this year.  Since I'm always lugging a ton of stuff in my purse and for work I need a big sturdy tote to hold it all. Plus this could possibly double as a diaper bag this summer

Layla ruined our last white comforter so right now we just have a cheapy down comforter on our bed but it despeartely needs a duvet.  Now that we have a puppy I think a duvet is necessary so I can take it off and wash it or bleach it as needed.  I'm a sucker for white bedding and this one has some dimension that might hid some dirt
I'm pretty sure I've shared these before on here but I am in desperate need  of some new sunglasses.  I love my RayBan Wayfayers but I'm looking for something new with a similar style and these would be perfect

I'm obsessed with this cardigan! Since getting pregnant I've been wearing a lot of shirts and leggings with over sized sweaters.  I think this cardigan would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe and I could easily wear it when I'm not pregnant. 



  1. Love the Tori Burch flats! I currently would love a pair in black, but I love the snakeskin...perfect for Spring!

  2. Love the picks - especially the TB flats! I'm dyingggg for a pair!!!


  3. that LV is the one they recommend for a diaper bag, since they don't make one for that purpose. hope you get it!!! :)

    a peek of chic

  4. Okay- I will tell you, I have the target knock off of that bedding, and while I love it, it's such a pain to iron. SUCH a pain. But if you put it on your bed right away it's probably ok. Just a warning.

  5. That cardigan is awesome! I wish I could live in leggings with shirts and oversized sweaters. Unfortunately, it's about 40 degrees too warm for that here most every day of the year. :)

    I use the Totally (in the monogram canvas) as my primary bag/diaper bag and it's worked out great. It transitions well from the office to the weekends, when I need to transport snacks, diapers, and toys. I'd recommend this over the Neverfull, which many people use as a diaper bag. The straps on the Neverfull are too thin and dig into your shoulder. And it doesn't zip closed like the Totally. It's a little bigger but I actually prefer the smaller sized Totally. I carry what I need instead of every toy we own.

  6. Wait...are we the same person? I have those shoes, those sunglasses, that duvet and a similar cardigan. I swear. It's like you're reading my mind. So weird.

  7. Love it all! I think I need a few of the same things. I lived in long shirts/sweaters leggings and cardigans while pregnant. Comfortable but cute, oh so important!!

  8. i love that maternity outfit so cute and chic, i hope to look that cute whenever i am pregnant and i definitely think you can totally continue to wear that sweater after te baby is born

  9. i loooove that bag. and the sweater looks like heaven. you should get an extra present for the extra person growing inside of you as well :)


  10. I checked out that Hatch stuff. OMG. Not pregnant and I want it all. The LV totally is a really nice bag, and I think the Damier Azur is really great on blondes. I recently got the Neverfull in the Damier Ebene. I thought I would like the totally better, but I prefer open top totes to zip top ones, so I ended up choosing the Neverfull. I also love GIANT totes, the the GM Neverfull fit the bill for me. The Totally would make a great every day bag and diaper bag too. Sounds like a perfect push present...

  11. I pretty much want everything on this list too!

  12. such great items on your wish list!!
    i have some snakeskin TB flats and i'm obsessed with them!! bought them 3 years ago, and they have held up SO well! and that louis - yes please!!!


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