Friday's Fancies: Bonfire Beauty

I don't know about where you live but it is getting chilly here in Maryland!  I was so excited when I saw the topic for Friday's Fancies this week: Bonfire Beauties.  Smores are one of my favorite treats and I would love to have an excuse to cozy up around a bonfire and make some this fall.

Here is ideally what I would wear to a bonfire:  

Bonfire Beauty

Now since I actually hate being cold and winter in general I would realistically be bundled up in about 10 more layers but hey a girl can dream right?!

So are you a smores fan? Do you have any fun winter bonfire or cabin type events coming up?


  1. LOVE this outfit!!

    perfect on all accounts :)

  2. That is my favorite outfit. I have the same one basically and wear it every weekend.

  3. Love s'mores - and definitely more cabin trips planned :) That puffy vest is so cute with the plaid!

  4. CUTE! Love, love, love.. need some plaid in my life! x

  5. I love the flannel and vest... perfect for a fireside evening!

  6. I LOVE s'mores! They are the best...sometimes, if I can't make them in a real fire, I cheat and use the microwave :) Great look here, too!

  7. S'mores are the best. I wish there was an easier way to make them!

    Love that quilted vest


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