Revenge: Season 2

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers!!

So I figure by now everyone has gotten a chance to watch the first episode of Revenge this season, right?   I had another post planned but I had to talk about the show!

So here are my thoughts:

- Nolan is my favorite! I love his new haircut- it makes him look less creepy and he always has the best lines.  I hope Emily lets him stay in her house this summer. 
- I knew there was no way Victoria was dead, I just thought it would take us a little longer to find out she was alive.  I do like the twist that Charlotte knew all along.
- There is no way that is Jack's baby.  I'm not sure whose it is but it's definitely not Jack's.
- Jack and Emily have ZERO chemistry.  I want to like his character but I just can't. I liked her with Daniel even if he is a Grayson, they have better chemistry and he's much hotter.
- It looks like Daniel is not over Emily yet- I forsee another romance brewing between them again.
- I'm loving the alliance between Emily and Charlotte.
- I'm pretty sure Ashley has an alterior motive and she does not actually love Daniel. I have a feeling she is sleeping with Conrad.  They seem awfully chummy this year.
- Conrad is beyond awful- keeping Charlotte in rehab to get her inheritance- super evil.
- Ok the white haired guy,  now he's working with Victoria but why hasn't he told on Emily/Amanda yet?  I have feeling there is more to him than we know right now
- Declan just annoyed me this whole episode
- What do you think about the Amanda, Jack's boat, being at the bottoms of the ocean?? Who do you think is in the boat?
- I'm very interested in the new character we met in Japan- is he going to be Emily's sidekick? Save her life? Romance?
- The new Takeda sucks
- I am so interested to see what happened with Emily's mom, I'm afraid it's going to be bad and we might learn that Emily's father wasn't always a nice guy 

Would love to hear your thoughts on the episode in the comments!  What do you think is going to happen next week?



  1. I agree with all this. That episode was crazy, I'm surprised we found out so much in the premiere! Nolan was my favorite from day 1 last season! I am obsessed with him and Tweet him all the time. I also have dreams that we're in love lol! Weird, I know, but they're great dreams! hahaha


  2. I agree with all of these points!! I love love love Nolan- why can't I have a friend like him?? I don't like Ashley and Daniel together at all - something is fishy with that relationship!!

  3. I am obsessssed with this show! So glad I'm not the only one. :) xx.


  4. Okay....THANK YOU FOR THIS. It is driving me CA-RAZY that the white haired man hasnt told on emily/amanda? did the producers think we just wouldnt think of this ourselves?? it makes no sense! other than that - INCREDIBLE. love all your comments. totally not jacks baby. ashley will definitely sleep with conrad - good call. daniel and emily need to get back together asap. i love victoria - she just kills me shes such a good bitch in that role!! and whatever happened to Nolan, he looks so great and 10x better - love him too.

    this seriously made my night!


  5. I wish the new Takeda had at least similar hair to the old one. Confusing!

    Definitely interesting that white haired guy hasn't told Victoria about Emily/Amanda


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