Life Lately

If you can tell from my lack of blog posts I have yet to get on a schedule, I swear I'll get it together one day! 

Until then here are some photos of what I've been up to lately...

1. Me and the hubs went to a Nationals Game which was blast until the monsoon hit and we had to run for cover
2. I wore my fall transition outfit that I blogged about here out to dinner with my college roommates and they loved the booties with shorts!
3. My husband has no patience so when I asked him to get a cart at the grocery store this is the first one he came upon.  Yes it was for kids and yes I made him push it the whole time.
4. I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte the second week of Sept even though I swore I would wait until Oct- it was amazing and I've had 2 more since!
5. At my job we always joke about vintage Avocado appliances, I knew they existed but I finally got to see them in person. This is a portable dishwasher from the 70s, it had a matching fridge and stove!
6. View from a house I was showing a client
7. Picked up some Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice coffee soo I don't break the bank at Starbucks
8.  September PopSugar Must Have Bag- it was amazing- I will share details soon!

I have spend the past 2 weekends traveling to Philly and Milwaukee- will be back soon to share about those trips!


  1. Nationals games are so fun! I want to go again before the season is over. Hopefully it will end winning the World Series!

  2. Newest follower! xx


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