Kitchen Update- Slow Progress

Don't get too excited.  This kitchen updating process is almost 6 months in the making and all that's been completed is the cabinet painting.  If you need a reminder of my plan click here. The sad part is I have the knobs/pulls for the cabinets and the fabric for the curtains and chairs I just haven't gotten around to doing anything with them. Pathetic. Does this happen to anyone else??  You start a project and then life gets in the way so it just sits there for months taunting you to finish it?!  Please tell me I'm not alone!

Moving onto the picture part.  I have to give you a before picture (which is old and blurry) but you get the idea and then finally my white cabinets below (I didn't clean up before I took the pic so ignore the sweater and dishes in the sink pleaseandthankyou).  



 Doesn't the white paint make a huge difference?!  It has lightened up our kitchen immensely.  We get very little light in the kitchen because our house faces west and we have a big tree in the front so the white paint has made the kitchen feel so much brighter.

I was going to splurge on Restoration Hardware knobs/pulls if you remember from my first post but I changed my mind after I found a great deal on ebay.  If you are looking for knobs/pulls I highly recommend this store, Cabinet Hardware Shop.   The knobs arrived 2 days after I ordered them and the quality is great for the price. I got my knobs in Brushed Satin Nickel but they carry all finishes in most of their hardware.

Nantucket knob for $2.35 per knob.

Montana pull for $2.79 per pull.

I pulled these pictures right from their website so I apologize for the post full of crappy pictures!

I have also decided that I don't think I want black granite counter tops anymore, which is very hard for even me to believe because I LOVE black and white kitchens.
I have made this decision for 2 reasons:
1. I've been really drawn to gray lately after seeing a gray granite when I showing property last week
2. This isn't our forever home and we are going to turn this into a rental propety when we move so I might just put corian in because they have easier up keep than granite and I wouldn't stress over tenants damaging it.

Here are some of my Corian options:



Silver Birch


 Has anyone ever had Corian in their kitchen? Does it hold up?  Do you like it?   Which one of these do you think would go best with white? 

My goal is to have the knobs on within the next two weeks and then hopefully have the counter tops completed by the end of August.   I'm hoping by throwing out these dates on the blog in writing I'll actually get it done!  


  1. It is looking great love!! I cannot wait to see the finished product!

  2. This looks great! I love the pulls! I have the small round knobs for all of our cabinets, including the drawers and I wish I had good one like yours!Also, looks like you can't go wrong with those counters - all will great!

  3. I love the white cabinets! I also think you are right about the Corian v. granite for a rental property. Granite will eventually be SO out anyway. Now that it has become so mass market, something else will become the desired item, right? My parents put Corian in their rental condo in North Carolina and have been O happy with it. S much so that mommy is thinking about putting it in at home! I love the silver birch color, because I am partial to all white kitchens, and that will give you an all white look with some color/interest.

    All your choices are wonderful though!

  4. The white paint makes a huge difference!

  5. The white paint makes a huge difference!

  6. The white paint makes a huge difference!

  7. Oh my gosh, it looks amazing!! I have been debating on painting my dabinets white for a while but unsure of the outcome. This has completely inspired me!!

  8. Wow! The white really lightens up the room! Looks great!

  9. wow! just that alone makes it look incredible and like a completely different space!! and yes.... it took my boyfriend and I 4 months to recover stools (a project that took 20 minutes) and he bought shelves for me a year ago that are still sitting in the closet :) i am pathetic as well!~!


  10. Paint makes everything look better! I like the platinum corian. It has texture and will add contrast. My parents have white corian in their kitchen and they love it. They cook a lot (we used to have a restaurant) and it's taken a battering at family events. It's held up really well..just don't put anything hot on it! It melts.

  11. I know someone who has the silver birch and they really like it! They say it's easy to clean and keep up.


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