This Dress: J.Crew Adrienne Silk Taffeta Dress

I need it.  Like right now in my closet.  (of course I have no where to go that would require a dress like this but still, it's a classic and I do have a wedding in September...)

Which color is your favorite?


Bright Dahlia


Peacock (which is on sale!)


  1. Sooo pretty - its too hard to decide which color - the Peacock is appealing to me though:) Love it!

  2. This dress is awesome. Love the black...I'm so predictable. Ugh.

  3. i like the green. then you can accent with leopard..especially if you're wearing it to a sept wedding.

  4. Oh.my.word. I think I may "need" it, too. I'd choose either blue, the Pacific or the Peacock. But, since I'm a thrifty girl, def the Peacock since it's on sale:)

  5. I love them all but Bright Dahlia & Peacock are my favorites! So hard to choose though!!!

  6. Whoa! Love it! Go for the green or the hot pink!!! I am really liking this!! Maybe I need it too! Hmmm where could I wear it??? Wedding next weekend? Or babes first Birthday party? Headed to JCrew right now! And I just told myself this morning, NO MORE clothes!!! :)

  7. wow i love all those colors!! jcrew has some of the best dresses. i was really wanting my bridesmaids dresses to purchase jcrew dresses because they are so classy

  8. I love the black & pacific! SO Pretty! The cut is gorgeous!


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