Weekend Recap

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and got to enjoy delicious food and time with family. 

Friday I got off work early and convinced K to come home early too.  We went to a local restaurant for dinner at 6pm which never happens to us, we actually made it in time for happy hour!  

Then we came home and enjoyed this...

Yeah, did you know Ed Hardy makes alcohol? Neither did I. 
It doesn't make the list of my favorite Sangrias and I mostly bought it because my husband HATES Ed Hardy and I wanted to get a laugh out of him but for $8 it wasn't that bad.

On Saturday I did a little shopping at Francesca's.  Have you ever been to one? We got one in my mall about a year ago and I've been obsessed ever since.  I've never seen anything in the store over $48.  Most of the stuff ranges somewhere between $34-$48.  It's like Forever or H&M only the quality is better and the stuff will last longer than one season.   

I picked up this blue shirt which I think will be great with white jeans.

(ignore my make up free face)

I made bunny bark to take to my in-laws for Easter, it was so good and so addicting. Of course I found it on Pinterest.  It's pretzels, M&Ms, and broked up golden oreos covered in white chocolate... heaven.
You can find the recipe here.
this is right before I pour the melted white chocolate over it
We attended a 30th birthday on Saturday night and the guy is an avid golfer and since the Masters were on this weekend it had a golf and Masters theme. 
How cute is this??

Then I spent Sunday with K's family and hanging out with my two nieces.  Could they be any cuter?



  1. What cute chubby babies! Glad the bunny bark was a hit!

  2. Love Francesca'. I just discovered it last year. I find anthro knock offs there all the time at a much better price.

  3. Ed Hardy Sangria? HAHA that is crazy! I have heard all about Francescas and have YET to step inside one yet - I need to ASAP! Love that Masters cake too - my man would LOVE that!

  4. What a great weekend. I'm OBSESSED with Francesca's. Love that store. And love that blue top on you!

  5. Just started shopping at Francesca's recently for gifts. They have such cute stuff!

  6. What a great weekend! I am so making that bunny bait next year, it looks too good. Also, my husband would LOVE that masters cake!!


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