TGIF: Celebrity Round-Up Baby Bumps

It might just be me and the age I am but every time I log onto Facebook or any gossip site a friend or celebrity is announcing their pregnancy!

So in honor of babies on the brain:

This lady is still pregnant...
I've been stalking her on Twitter for any updates and I haven't seen any yet. 

I think Kristin Cavallari has some great pregnancy style!  She's been looking so good these days.  Apparently this dress below is from Kmart for only $20.99!

Reese Witherspoon has yet to officially confirm but clearly she is pregnant and of course looking so cute dressing that bump! (I will forever be in love with that Chloe bag)

US Weekly says they have the exclusive story that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr are  having their second baby. I hope this is true because I'm obsessed with these two and I think of them as the one Hollywood couple that might actually make it.

Snooki said this week that she would die if she was ever the size of Jessica Simpson... oh Snooki there are so many things I could say

Sienna Miller is keeping her bump under wraps most of the time so we haven't really gotten to see her pregnancy style.  Rumor has it she and Tom Sturridge are engaged.  Sometimes I wonder if she wishes Jude Law had accidentally knocked her up. 

Sister, Sister and reality actress Tamera Mowrey announced she is pregnant with her first child.  Did you watch her and Tia's reality show?? I will admit that I did and it was Ok, some of the drama felt forced though.  I had a feeling she would be pregnant shortly after getting married since her twin was pregnant.

If I were Kourtney Kardashian this is the last pregnant woman I would want to stand next to.  Those Victoria Secret models are freaks of nature when pregnant, well actually all the time .

 Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

PS: Is anyone else having problems with the new blogger? I don't hate it but for some reason every time I try to start a new post I hit the start a new blog button so I've almost had 3 new blogs this week.


  1. Jessica Simpson is a house. No offense. Lawwwwd!

  2. not a fan of the new blogger either...but then again, i'm not a fan of any change! hoping i get used to it quick. have a great weekend!

    a peek of chic

  3. Jessica S is still preggos? I feel like she has been pregnant for 2 years! Ohhhh Snooki....no one cares about you, or how much weight you gain. I can't believe she said that about Jessica. Some women just gain weight quickly when they are pregnant. And I adore SMG!! I hope she is having another baby!!! Love her and Freddie together!!!

  4. That VS model looks like an alien!!!

    JS is huge. Poor thing.

  5. Great post! I can't BELIEVE Jessica Simpson is still pregnant - is she trying to break some sort of record? Yikes!!

  6. Haha I've done the same thing with blogger! This new format is weird....hard to get used to!

  7. Didn't even know Kristin Cav was preggo!
    Thoroughly enjoyed this post:D

  8. I love checking out pregnant celebs as well and really enjoy their different styles. I don't care how much weight they gain (the poor women are attacked by media), but hate that they bounce back into perfect form {esp those VS models!} within weeks. I know that they have to look beautiful for their roles and that they have so many people to assist them that us normal people can't afford, but it's still hard to look at them and not be jealous or feel like they're flaunting how quickly they lost the weight. Oh and Snooki doesn't deserve any media attention now or ever again! Have a great weekend!

  9. KCav is the cutest preggo ever!

  10. Loving all the baby bumps! kCav looks amazing, as always. She's going to be the cutest preggo ever. And poor Jessica Simpson - she has been getting so much slack. I feel horrible for her. You just never know how your body is going to respond. But damn girl, wear some less "chunky" clothing and maybe you'll look less chunky. You know?

  11. I love R.W. and I'm actually kinda glad that she won't come out and confirm it. It's her business! I also love that Drew Barrymore seems to be doing the same!


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