Friday Round up: Celebrity Edition

*First off thank you everyone for all the birthday love!! So far 30 has been fabulous!

I am so behind on my tv and celebrity gossip this week so here are some recent celeb items that hit my radar when I was stalking my usual gossip sites last night....

1. Did you hear about this? Apparently Christian Louboutin sent Blake Lively his entire spring collection. Right to her apartment for her to enjoy. Seriously?  How does one get so lucky?  Christian if you need anyone else to try out your spring collection my feet are available, I'm a size 10 by the way.

2.  NY Fashion week started this week and I must say my fashion faves, the Olsen twins are looking great in the front row at QVC.  I can't wait to see their collection The Row next week.
**Fun fact: QVC is headquartered in my husband's hometown  and my sister and brother-in-law both work there, so I get lots of inside celeb stories and gossip

3. Kristin Cavallari hit the red carpet for the premiere of This Means War and debuted her tiny baby bump. I  must say she looks good and happy. I know a lot of people don't like her but she's never really bothered me, or maybe it's the soft spot in my heart for Laguna Beach and The Hills that makes me like her.

5. Beyonce debuted her 1 month post baby body and I must say Damn! she looks good! I'm hoping she has at least one pair of spanx on. Did you see her blue nails in honor of Blue Ivy? I also heard this week that they trademarked her name-wtf! Sometimes I think celebs go a little too  far...

6. How cute is Reese? I just totally adore her and her style and she just looks so good in this dress at the premiere of her new movie This Means War. I'm loving her bangs too!

7. This picture doesn't need an explanation. Thank you H&M.

Happy  Friday!


  1. oooh, keep that celeb gossip from QVC coming ;) ps. LOVE the olson twins! looking forward to the row as well...

    a peek of chic

  2. I'm obsessed with the oslen twins! Happy Friday!

  3. I'm happy the Olsen twins look healthy. pretty girls!

  4. seriously she got the louboutin collection?! ugh what i wouldn't do to be in her shoes literally right now, ha! and i love reese she is just adorable! and i love the bang look on her

  5. I always love Reese--and I seriously wish I had Blake Lively's CL collection. How incredible! Hope you have a happy weekend, my dear :) xoxo {av}

  6. Oh my!Beyonce looks stunning!!!!I cant believe that this body gave birth a month ago.I'm following your blog, visit mine and return some love back if you like it :)


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