Did you all see this?

I was shocked when Domino popped up in my newsfeed on Facebook last week with this news!

Domino magazine is coming back with a special edition Quick Fixes, which hits newsstands April 17th!

It's going to be about $10.99 for the special edition. Despite the price I'm really excited to see what they have to offer and who contributed to this issue. 

The crazy thing is I just snapped this below pic two weekends ago when we were cleaning out our office and I found a hidden stack!

(The Jenna Lyons one was my favorite!)

Domino was my favorite shelter magazine and I still miss it almost 3 years later, I can't wait to see what they have in store for us!

Did you read Domino? Are you excited for this special edition?



  1. domino is so awesome! i wish i read it more often however although a saturday afternoon at barnes and noble catching up on all my magazines without buying is my guilty pleasure. i will definitely be checking out the new special issue

  2. remember to NEVER throw away the Jenna Lyons one! I'm still planning my grey and gold bedroom!

  3. haha, that is amazing!! cant wait to get my hands on one! :)

    love K


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