I feel like our house is always in a state of transition and nothing is ever finished. It doesn't help that I'm constantly changing my mind and moving things around...BUT as part of my New Years resolution this year I want to get our house projects finished. In honor of full disclosure here is a glimpse of some unfinished projects that we need to tackle...

1. Kitchen Cabinets 
I've had these paint swatches up on the cabinets for about 2 months now and I have yet to call a contractor or attempt to paint them myself-  so this is our first job

2. The empty space

We have a joint dining/living room in our townhouse and we have this empty space between our china hutch  and TV that is just dying for some art work or a gallery wall or anything to give it some pizazz 

3. The Fan

Our powder room fan was on it's last leg so K decided to play handy husband and install a new one. Well we ran into a complication. It seems a squirrel had made a nest in the vent pipe and it was completely blocked with sticks and grass and dirt- so we desperately need an electrician to come fix this.

4.  K's office

At one point this room was organized and clean and actually looked like an office you'd want to use but we did some furniture moving and now this room has become our "catch all" room. We are lacking storage in our place so I'm going to need to get creative with that back wall for all of our books and my craft supplies that you can't see pouring out of the closet.

So this is just a glimpse of some projects that we need to tackle. I'm hoping to get through these in the next 3 months and then we have a few outdoor projects that we need to tackle in the spring and summer.

Do you have any house projects you're working on or anything big house projects you want to tackle this year?


  1. My house is one giant unfinished project. I don't think I'll ever be done!

  2. I've lived in my condo for five years and have yet to hang the pictures in my spare bedroom. Oooops.

  3. We have been wanting to finish our basement and maybe this summer will be the year, fingers cross. I always am making projects for myself because- my husband calls me a busy body!!

  4. I've had paint samples hanging on my kitchen wall for a year. I am the worst at this but I'm also trying to move. I say you can totally get those cabinets done in a weekend!


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