Best and Worst - SAG Awards

 My favorites:

WTF were they thinking...

 I don't really like what's going on in the front

 Ehhh she usually does better than this

 top cute, skirt way too much- she looks like a Disney princess

she's still young but this floral print just isn't working

the hippie look? there are no words for this

 Why on earth did she keep walking and posing with her whole leg out?? This dress could have been cute but this looks so slutty to me!

Did you have any favorites last night? Would you have added anyone to the WTF list?

all images via Popsugar


  1. Me too! Especially the green one!

  2. Busy Phillips looks like she didn't know she was going and got dressed from something from her closet that day.

  3. Kyra is stunning and hmm lea Michelle is trying a but too hard because that dress is meant for a much taller person!

  4. I honestly didn't watch last night. I swear that I would kill to wear some of those dresses though :)


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