Zig Zag Dress

So I purchased this Everly Zig Zag dress below after spotting it on the website Sosie, it was only $43.00 and I figured I could definitely find a place to wear it!  Well the dress turned out to be more of a tunic on me since I'm tall but I loved the pattern too much to return it.

I ended up wearing it to K's 30th birthday party with a pair of leggings which worked but I have totally found a new, fun way to wear it.  I decided on a whim a few weeks ago to tuck the dress into my Jcrew city mini one morning when I couldn't find anything to wear before work and see how it looked and it totally works as a shirt now too!  It's cute and comfortable which I'm always looking for with work clothes.  I think this idea can work with a few other dresses I have too which just extends my wardrobe further without spending any money. 

Sorry for the crappy Blackberry photo and do you love my crappy $5.00 mirror from Target... it's probably time for an upgrade on both


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