Remember Me?

Hi there- remember me?  The long lost blogger full of empty promises of returning to blogging and then making a a few appearances and then disappearing for another 6 weeks?

Yeah major FAIL on my part.  As usual I have nothing to blame on it but real life and being busy, but I'm not even that busy so maybe just laziness??  or maybe I should just stop trying to make excuses.

You see I want to blog.   I just don't really have much to say lately, and I usually don't really like to complain a lot on here which is all I've really wanted to do lately so I've decided to fall back on the old if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. 


I decided that I blog for me and I should stop worrying about what people who read my blog think and just write what I want to write.

So I will be back and it might not be all that interesting to you but it will be to me and in the end that is what is important, right?


  1. You blog about whatever your little heart desires, sister :) I'll read even if it's 6 months between posts!

  2. Blog about whatever you want!! It's what makes your blog unique and special :)

  3. We'll listen to whatever you want to blog about. No worries! It's your blog:)

  4. I can't wait for your return!

  5. That's right, you've gotta blog for you!

  6. i'm glad you're back. complain away. we are hear to listen:)

  7. Agreed - blog about whatever floats you're boat! Look forward to reading!


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