Random Tuesday

-We have been sooo busy this summer.  I haven't had a free weekend since before Memorial day but I don't want to complain because I have been having a lot of fun celebrating with all of our friends. Let's just say I am so looking forward to my upcoming vacation!!!

-It has been in the 100s here the past few weeks. Today it was 89 and it felt a little cool.  It was amazing to not get in my car after work and immediately start sweating.

-I can't believe it's only one month until my 1st anniversary.  I swear this year went by way faster than last.  Anyone else feel like that?

-They ending of The Hills totally left me stunned and a little sad.  I was like what it really is FAKE??  Then I saw an article with Lo saying she never ever filmed on a Hollywood set and that was probably an MTV stunt. Phew. I can now go back to believing all of that awkwardness was real.  

-Teen Mom 2 started last week and I'm in love.  Still love Catelynn and Tyler.

-I bought a pair of aviator sunglasses

-I have also recently fallen in love with Ann Taylor Loft- the sales are incredible!!

-Does anyone else watch Pretty Little Liars?

-I'm looking to get a new car in the next year, hopefully a mid-size SUV, does anyone have any suggestions or ones they love?

-I have a list of home projects a million miles long that hopefully we get tackled sometime in the next few months. 


  1. way too hot recently! i graduated into some aviators recently too!

  2. I love the loft! I buy almost all of my clothes there.

  3. I'm jealous of your 89 degrees - it's entirely too darn hot outside! Hope the cooler weather sticks around for you! I love the Loft sales - they're great. Haven't seen Pretty Little Liars but I've heard it's fun!

  4. Love me some Teen Mom (getting ready to change to it right now, actually) and IalsoloveJerseyShore. Did you catch that? He he. Happy Tuesday!

  5. So glad to hear you've been having a great summer!

    I'm also looking to buy an SUV in the next few years, and I'm loving the Lexus RX. A little extravagant for me, but I just love the design.

  6. Oh I love Teen Mom! I was so glad to see it come back! I really like Maci.

  7. Right there with you on The Hills!

  8. Hi Nat! It's miserable hot here too. Heat index of 110 degrees today! Yikes! Guess I won't be running errands on my lunch break today. I love Pretty Little Liars! It's my new guilty pleasure. Can't get enough. I have a Toyota Highlander and I absolutely love it! I bought it 4 years ago and still really love it. I looked at a million different SUVs and liked the Highlander the best. I'd recommend it!

  9. You just found the LOFT? Welcome to heaven!

    Tip: We teachers get a discount there. Find a teacher bud, have her do your purchasing, and reimburse her post-haste! It's worth it!

  10. I watch Pretty Little Liars! I knew it was going to be very young teenish but I can't help it, I love a good mystery!!


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