I have a confession

 I am afraid of flying. 

There I admitted it. I am about to hop on a plane to go to one of my favorite places in the next few hours and I am trying not to freak. Did I mention it's a baby one with like 19 rows or something small like that??

I'm not actually scared of being in the plane it's more the taking off part and any time I hear a weird noise. I usually fly 1-2 times a year and it's only been over the past 2 years that I've developed this irrational fear because yes I know I'm safer flying than I am driving to the airport.  Trust me wine and xanax have become my best friends while flying but I still get scared and this time we're going xanax free. 

So bloggy friends if you could good send good vibes and prayers my way that would be great, and pray I make it there without without overdosing on wine to calm my nerves. 



Random Tuesday

-We have been sooo busy this summer.  I haven't had a free weekend since before Memorial day but I don't want to complain because I have been having a lot of fun celebrating with all of our friends. Let's just say I am so looking forward to my upcoming vacation!!!

-It has been in the 100s here the past few weeks. Today it was 89 and it felt a little cool.  It was amazing to not get in my car after work and immediately start sweating.

-I can't believe it's only one month until my 1st anniversary.  I swear this year went by way faster than last.  Anyone else feel like that?

-They ending of The Hills totally left me stunned and a little sad.  I was like what it really is FAKE??  Then I saw an article with Lo saying she never ever filmed on a Hollywood set and that was probably an MTV stunt. Phew. I can now go back to believing all of that awkwardness was real.  

-Teen Mom 2 started last week and I'm in love.  Still love Catelynn and Tyler.

-I bought a pair of aviator sunglasses

-I have also recently fallen in love with Ann Taylor Loft- the sales are incredible!!

-Does anyone else watch Pretty Little Liars?

-I'm looking to get a new car in the next year, hopefully a mid-size SUV, does anyone have any suggestions or ones they love?

-I have a list of home projects a million miles long that hopefully we get tackled sometime in the next few months. 


Glory Days

Today I am heading here:

University of Maryland- College Park 

My wonderful home for 4 glorious years of college!   We are heading there to celebrate two of our friends from college who will be getting married on campus and having their reception on campus.  I couldn't be more excited to return to my alma mater for the weekend. Not only that but about 25 of our college friends will all be back in the same place at the same time so I'm going to feel like a giddy 20 yr old girl in a jean skirt for 48  hours!! 
If you're familiar with it you know that College Park is a dirty, nasty city but I LOVE it and wouldn't have wanted to spend my glory days anywhere else!   

Because I'm feeling nostalgic I leave you with some pictures: 

 Look at what a baby K was!!


The Rest is Still Unwritten...

This is it. It's really over. After 6 seasons of drama, tears, cat fights, break-ups, make-ups, sketchy boyfriends, crazy boyfriends, plastic surgery, bar fights, weddings, crazy b*tches, ex-girlfriends, beach parties, move-ins, move-outs, friendships beginning and ending it is time to say good-bye.

I would be lying if I said I'm not sad. I am. Very sad.  I have been religiously watching these girls and boys for the past 4 years and some since LB and I'm not sure how I'll survive without a little LC, Lo, Audrina, Kristin, Heidi, Stephanie, Spencer, Frankie (Brody's friend), Stacey (the bartender), or Justin Bobby (Audrina's non boyfriend man lover) in my life.   I mean where else will I be able to get long awkward pauses, forced uncomfortable conversations, characters that are unable to make any eye contact, and constant back stabbing?

I'm really not sure how I'm going to survive without seeing my boyfriend Brody weekly.

So will you all be tuning in tonight to watch this era come to an end?

**Thankfully Teen Mom 2 and Jersey Shore will be starting soon so I will have something to get me through my pain**



K & I are taking an early anniversary trip later this month to Charleston, SC.   Charleston is one of my favorite cities and I cannot wait to go back!!   K has never been so I am so excited to show him around, I know he's going to love it.  We suckers for historic cities with palm trees. 

I haven't been since I was in college and I have an idea of a few restaurants (besides Sonic, haha) and beaches I want to see again but I'm looking for advice on other must see/must do items while we're there and would LOVE suggestions.

Any good suggestions for:

-City tours
-Plantation tours
-and anything else I'm missing

Thanks loves!


Enjoying the Simple Pleasures of Summer

We've been so busy this summer and it's only going to get busier. So I've been trying to enjoy the simple pleasures that I love about summer.

Eating a ton of these...
And these.
Laying out here for hours upon hours
and admiring these, I cannot get enough of hydrangeas in the summer. 
What are you simple pleasures of summer?
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