Things I've Learned now that I'm Married

If you turn down wine people automatically assume your pregnant and if you try to say things like
"No grandma I have to work early tomorrow or No thanks I'm on a diet", they decide you're definitely pregnant. 

It's much easier to just drink the wine, even if it Wednesday and you're on a diet.  


  1. HAHAHA that is SO true. Happens every time.

  2. Oh my gosh that is hilarious. Now that we are married everyone keeps asking us if and when we're going to have kids.

  3. Ha! So very true! Then, once you have a kid, everyone starts asking when the second one will come! It's never-ending!

  4. You are SO right! I bet I drink twice as much now that I'm married, just to prove to everyone I'm not pregnant! ;)


    And if you have two boys or even three people will continue to ask if you are going to try for a girl. I kid you not, as I was asked that just last night at a meeting I attended.

  6. Too freaking funny! We were going to wait to tell people I was pregnant with our little girl, but the moment I didn't order a drink at dinner, our friends blurted out, "Are you pregnant?" Even this past weekend at dinner, my friends didn't believe me when I told them the reason I wasn't drinking was due to medication. I literally had to pull out the medication bottle so they would know I was telling the truth!

  7. Haha, too funny! I've gotten this before.

  8. True story. I would get this even before we were married when all I was doing was watching my weight.


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