Dog or No Dog???

So we're currently having a dilemma here in the H family and I need some honest, real advice from my fellow bloggers. 

Should we get a dog?? 

My husband is a dog LOVER.  He comes from a family of dog LOVERS.  His parents have 3 dogs, One brother has 3 dogs, and one brother has 2 dogs.    My family had a poodle when I was like 8 who died one year later and then my parents didn't get another dog until I left for college to replace me for my sister and then got another dog 4 years ago.    

I really like dogs.  I'm not going to say love because if I had to pick between a dog and a new car I would definitely say car.    Ohh and there is nothing that annoys me more than a dog barking for no reason.  

So here's a little background history...  

K wants a dog because he loves them, thinks it would be fun, and would feel better being away knowing I have a dog there.  
I want a dog because K works really late and travels a lot so it would be really nice to have a dog around so I don't freak out every time I hear a little tiny noise.  This is also the problem.   
Due to the fact that K works so much and starts business school part time this year (sucking away even more of his time) I will be the primary caretaker of the dog.  I'm afraid that I will eventually begin to resent the dog or K.   

Due to my allergies and K's love of bigger dogs we will be getting either a goldendoodle or labradoodle. 

So what I want to know is: 

Are you happy you got a dog?    Do you think dogs are good companions or just a lot of work?

Do you spend a lot of money on the dog, ie vet appts, foods, etc? 

Thanks girls!



Things I've Learned now that I'm Married

If you turn down wine people automatically assume your pregnant and if you try to say things like
"No grandma I have to work early tomorrow or No thanks I'm on a diet", they decide you're definitely pregnant. 

It's much easier to just drink the wine, even if it Wednesday and you're on a diet.  


You learn something new everyday...

While driving to a friend's birthday crab feast this weekend my husband turns me to and says "That is one sweet truck" to which I respond "Oh yeah" and then the conversation proceeds like this:

K: "No I mean did you see it- that thing is bad a**!! I mean that is a truck"

N: "Yeah that F250"

K: "If we ever win the lottery that's the first thing I'm buying"


K: "I've always liked them, well the bad a** ones at least"


K: "I've always like trucks, they just aren't practical for what I do so I've never thought about having one"

N: "SERIOUSLY, you don't even like doing outdoorsy things and you're definitely not handy what use would you get out of a truck?? You drive a camry, you won't even let me get an SUV!!  Seriously, you like trucks??

K: "Yeah why are you so surprised?"

So apparently my preppy conservative skinny unhandy not outdoorsy husband LOVES bad a** trucks.

You really do learn something new everyday... 

**Disclaimer: I have nothing against trucks, I don't actually have a feeling on them either way I consider them "boy" toys.  If you met or seen my husband you know he is about as far from a truck guy as possible that's why this is hilarious**


Did you miss me!?

I never intended to be gone this long. I mean honestly,  I really didn't.  I thought 2 weeks at max, not 7.
Then I felt like the more time I spent away the harder it was for me to come back- does that make sense??

I wish I could tell you all you we were up to amazing life changing things but we really weren't.  We were just busy living our real lives, not that you all aren't "real" but you know what I mean.

 Well I just wanted to say Hello again and I promise (for real) I'll be back with more substantial posts in the next few days.

Ohhhh and thanks for sticking with me- I didn't lose any followers in the past 7 weeks, I guess I'm cooler than I thought or you all are too lazy to figure how to delete me from your google reader.   I'm going with the first option. 

Missed you all and can't wait to catch up!
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