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Hey Blog friends- What's up? How have you all been?   I feel like it's been forever since I put together a post that required any brain power. 

I've been too busy enjoying this amazing weather Mother Nature has finally bestowed on us after our AWFUL winter here in the mid-atlantic to really take the time to blog.  Plus my husband has been coming home early (like 7:30pm around these parts) and traveling less so I've been trying to spend time with him rather than with my head in the computer.

I also realized I haven't taken any pictures of myself or anyone actually since Christmas, which is probably good because no one wants to see me pale, with roots, and an extra 10lbs from hibernating. 

Wedding Season 2010 officially kicks off next weekend with a bridal shower that I am hosting for my good friend Allison, it's Maryland themed and her wedding colors are white, black, yellow, and red just like the flag!  I can't wait to share pics of how everything turns out. 

I've been power walking at least 3x a week with my sister which feels great in this weather and has helped boost my exercising since running just hasn't been enjoyable these days. 

We're spending Easter weekend in PA with K's family it will be nice to see them all- I haven't been up there since Christmas (eek!)

Oh and I'm getting a spray tan tonight because it's supposed to be in the 70's all weekend and no one likes to see pale legs sticking out under a skirt.   So happy spring is finally here :)


  1. I'm getting a spray tan tomorrow! Have a great Easter weekend with family and friends!

  2. Enjoy your Easter weekend. Tanning might not be a bad idea! It's going to be 70 here this weekend too!

  3. Yay for wedding season! I have a bridal shower this weekend too! I'm so excited. We only have 2 weddings this summer, but they're both "destination" for us (Chicago and DC). Can't wait!

  4. Ooo wedding season... makes me sad because mine is long gone and I don't have anyone else's to take part in! Happy Easter weekend!

    I want a spray tan...


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