A little blog self discovery

I have a lot of different things right now keeping my little world busy and this blog always falls on the back burner.  I also feel like my blog is a little disorganized lately with my topics flying all over the place, I guess last year since I was wedding planning I felt my blog had a theme and now well it's kind of just whatever pops into my mind. I prefer organization if possible and currently my life and blog are lacking that.

So I'm giving my life and this blog a little spring cleaning, so pardon the mess until I'm finished!

Thanks for understanding Bffs




  1. That's me too - a constant blog evolution! But I try to stick to inspiration and chic 'n cheap things!

  2. I struggled with the same thing after my wedding - I started to wonder what the purpose of my blog would be. Then I just kept on talking about my everyday life and realized thats what it was going to be like. We'll be here when you come back!

  3. I know what you mean...my blog has done a complete change since I started it!


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