Thank You!!

I cannot Thank all of you enough for your wonderful prayers and words of encouragement via this blog and twitter. You all truly are amazing.  My grandma did great in her procedure and there is nothing major wrong with her! Yay!  It looks like they just need to change around her medicines and she needs to make some dietary changes and she should be fine.

I really, really appreciate it.  My blogs friends truly are some of the best.   I am currently home today because our offices are closed thanks to Snowmageddon round two.  I'm at my parents house and I'm pretty sure we won't get dug out of here until at least March maybe even April. 

I thought I would share some pics: 

It looks like the house is half buried which is practically is

The buried mailbox

The view out the front door


Somewhere under there is a pool and a Koi pond 



  1. Oh Nat I'm so happy to hear about your grandma!

    You enjoy your snow days with some hot chocolate and junk food:)

  2. So much snow! We still have a lot too!

  3. We're living parallel lives (except you're at your parents and I'm at my inlaws! Ah!)! Glad your grandma is okay!

  4. I can't believe we just escaped the snow into this humid little country.

    So glad to hear your grandma is ok!

  5. Wow, I don't think you're getting out of there anytime soon. Be careful!

  6. I wish we had that much snow! That's what the weather forecasters made it sound like we were going to get, but we have a measly three inches on the ground now.

    I'm so glad to hear your grandmother is doing ok. It's good that she will be home and well soon!

  7. So glad to hear your grandma's ok!

    OMG, look at all that snow!!!!!! I'm totally jealous!!!!!

  8. i left a blog award for you on my blog!!


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