What was I thinking?

Or why did I sign up for another half marathon?!

I usually take a workout "vacation" during the holidays to enjoy copious amounts of apple pie, wine, cookies, and egg nog ice cream and only workout sporadically. So obviously this year was no different, except it was.

Prior to the holidays I had a solid 6 weeks of "good" regular work outs that were making me feel great. Prior to those 6 weeks I don't think I had worked out regularly since June 2009 when I was on my 30 day Shred kick numero dos.
The weeks leading up to the wedding were very stressful for me trying to tie everything together so exercising got put on the back burner when in reality it shouldn't have been because the endorphins would have definitely helped the stress but I digress.

So I really haven't run further than 3 miles in about 7 months which is one heck of a long time for me.

I am a runner.

It's the only form of exercise I truly enjoy. I am not flexible enough for yoga or pilates and I'm not coordinated enough for aerobics or zumba. Trust me.

So what did I do on Saturday? I hopped on the treadmill set it to 1.0 incline and put it at 6.0 to start. I was ready to bust out a 3 mile run at 10 minute miles, I figured it would be easy.

Hahahahahahahahahaha. That is what my body laughing at me.

I got in about 1 minute before I had to reduce the speed to 5.7 and I broke into a heavy sweat about 5 minutes in. I sweat a lot when I work out but not until 10-15 minutes into my workout, not five.
This was bad. I decided to run intervals- 3 minutes at 5.7, 2 minutes at 5.9 and do that for next 3o minutes. Let's just say I only got through 15 minutes before I thought I was going to pass out or fall off the treadmill and have to be revived. (I've fallen off a treadmill before it's not fun or pretty for anyone involved.)

So I pulled my super sweaty self off the treadmill and humbly walked over the elliptical machine where I finished my workout.

My race is in 19 weeks. I have a lot of work cut out for myself. I'll keep you updated with my workout schedule and progress.

Did I mention my quads are so sore today it hurts to go up and down stairs, ugh.


  1. you can do it!!!! keep your head up girl!! You'll get back into it and feel great!! Good luck!

  2. Congrats on signing up!! Sometimes that is the hardest part. Now you're going to be very motivated to keep yourself going. Best of luck on your upcoming training and race!

  3. You can do it! If you used to do it, it's much easier to get back into it! You'll be just fine!

  4. Get it, girl! You can do it! I need some inspiration :)

  5. Hahahahahaha that's how my first run felt after taking all of that time off. I was embarrassed and wanted to just d.i.e.

    You can do it!!!!!

  6. You will definitely get there, especially if it's something you like doing. I know you can do it!

    I recently started going back to the gym and it has been so tough. I'm not a runner at all and the time I've been spending on the treadmill and elliptical has definitely taken some getting used to again. It amazes me how hard it is to get into shape and how easy it is to fall out of it.

  7. You can do it!!! I worked out for the first time in awhile and my quads were killing me too! Hang in there...it'll get better again!

  8. good luck. i am NOT a runner and i have serious respect for those who can do it. you rock!


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