Prayers for Haiti

Obviously the earthquake in Haiti is devastating to everyone but it hits home with me because one of my best friends little sister's has been working there for the past year. She is with a group of doctors and medical professionals helping to build and establish clinics to bring medical care to some of the most impoverished towns in Haiti.
I've been reading her emails through the past months and I'm just constantly amazed by the work she does and the life she's been living. I mean no Jersey Shore, the Bachelor, heck not even electricity or clean water at times. I would never survive and I am always so amazed with the things that people do to help others in need.

Thankfully she happened to be home this week on medical school interviews!! So crazy because if she didn't set them up she would have been there. It just gives me the chills thinking about it. She sent out an email this morning to let us know she's ok and that her clinic is ok, they felt the earthquake but weren't rocked nearly as hard as Port au Prince. She is heading back to Haiti on Jan 18th if all continues as is and they don't face anymore aftershocks.

The doctor she works with directly left this morning to head to Port au Prince to look for his wife and newborn son because he can't get in contact with them. Please keep them and all the others in Haiti in your prayers!!


  1. Oh my goodness! How heartbreaking! Praying for everyone there or who's involved there!

  2. I'll be thinking about your friend's doctor and hope that he can find his family.

  3. Such a sad story! Just found your super cute blog! xoxo

  4. Talk about the hand of God! I'm glad your friend's sister is ok, and I hope she can go back to continue her good work. They sure need it right now!

  5. My friend just got to the Army Base in New Jersey today and we are all so happy and thankful that she is alive. It is such a tragedy because she said that it pained her to leave knowing all of the children she was working with at the orphanage had nothing.


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