30 Days

It's official 30 days from now I will be Mrs. H no longer Miss D. I can't believe how quickly the past 7 months have gone by. I really feel like I just got engaged yesterday but at the same time I feel like my wedding day will never get here.

Well only 30 days left and thankfully my to-do list is dwindling and I'm trying not to panic over ever last detail :)


Bachelorette Spotlight

All of my girlfriend's are wild~ Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Aren't my girlfriends hot?? That would be our stretch Hummer H2 limo in the background- the most fun part!

We went to dinner in DC at Brasserie Beck and then did a little bar hopping- which was fun because we never waited in one line or paid a cover- I never knew wearing a sash would make a us VIPs! I think the best part of the night was driving around in the limo and drinking champagne with my best friends though. I wore a silver/gray dress from H&M and all my girlfriends wore black dresses and I let them get me a sash and crown (because I am against anything glaringly bachelorette) but I agreed to that to be a good sport.

Could I be any taller?! I never really wear high heels because I am already tall so those heels just pushed me right over 6ft!

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

So I picked this up on sale for $69.95 down from $138.00 at Anthropologie! I'm super excited because I LOVE Anthropologie and I would have bought like 400 other items if my bank account would have let me.

I decided to go with this because I was looking for something that isn't too casual or too dressy and I think this is the perfect combination- I can dress it up or down. Our rehearsal dinner is a combination crab feast/nice seafood dinner if that makes sense so I wanted something versatile. I plan to add compliment it with long strands of (fake) pearls but I can't decide on shoes yet? What color would you do? Any suggestions would be great!


Mighty Monday

Welcome to Mighty Monday! Started by one of my favorite bloggers Babbling Abby!
In Abby's words: Then I guess it's time to list the things I might have done since, well, last Monday! If you want to play too, simply make a list of things that you might have done and leave a comment so we can visit your blog and feel a little better about our own list ;)

I might have an obsession with the following 3 things put together: cheese, tortilla chips, and sour cream. I might have eaten a meal consisting of these 3 things at least 4 times last week.

I might love Secret Life of the American teenager and Sixteen and Pregnant, I might be obsessed with teen pregnancy

I might have watched the season finale of Southern Belles: Louisville and I might not have felt sorry for Shea that her fiance cheated on, she was so selfish and materialistic she might have deserved it a little bit (is that too mean??)

I might have eaten an entire box of Berger Cookies last week and if you've never had them give your address and I will send you a box because they might be the best cookies EVER, who are we kidding they are the BEST cookies EVER.

I might be getting married in 33 days and I might not have a cake yet or a wedding band... I might be a procrastinator

I might have drank one too many bottles of champagne at my bachelorette shindig but it might have been the best girls night ever because I might have the best friends anyone could ask for (will post pics later)

I might have recovered from my champagne daze with the most delicious eggs, bacon and hash browns... yum

I might like that my fiance doesn't get home from work until 8pm or later because I might like my alone time to catch up on blogs, stalk celebrities, eat cookies or ice cream (or both) before dinner, and watch bad tv shows or movies like LiLo's straight to TV Labor Pains without being bothered

I might know that one of my friends is getting engaged very soon, I might be super excited :)

I might have cleaned my whole house top to bottom on Saturday, I might have even wiped baseboards and windowsills (impressed, I know me too!)

That's this installment of Mighty Monday!


The Wedding Band


or this?

(sorry that is the smallest I could get the diamond eternity band!)

Ok so I feel like these days everyone is going for the diamond eternity band and I would be lying if I said I didn't want one of those! (Yes we still haven't bought bands, did I mention we're procrastinators??) At the same time I don't wear a lot of jewelry and I am as far from flashy as they come and I know that there will be times when I don't want to wear diamonds but will still want a ring. For instance I don't like to wear my engagement ring when I work out or when I lay by the pool. I've been considering getting a diamond eternity band and then a simple (cheap) white gold band. I've also been considering getting just the simple (cheap) white gold band and saving the diamond band for an christmas or anniversary.

So married bloggers... what does your wedding band look like? What was the reason you choose the band you did?


Remember Me?

Hi loyal blog friends- remember me? I used to blog like everyday, now I think it's once a week if you're lucky. Let's just say my life is HECTIC for the next few weeks!! There are approximately 38 days until my wedding and every weekend is packed until then!

I spent last weekend at my dear friend Laura's wedding, it was gorgeous beautiful Annapolis wedding and she's getting married in the same church that I am so it was fun to see it again for a wedding and I think it definitely helped to calm my nerves some. I also had my trial hair do. I was leaning toward half up/half down but after thinking about the weather etc I decided on an up do and my stylist Billie did an awesome job so I'm pumped!

This weekend is my bachelorette party in DC (sooo excited for a girl's night) and we need to get wedding bands (eek, total procrastinators!), next week is my bridal shower with Kyle's side of the family, then I have the annual Annapolis Rotary Club crab feast, then a wedding the following weekend in the boonies of Maryland, then my good friend Laura's baby's 1st birthday, then the next weekend is my wedding!!!
Plus I have some new things going on with work so I'm going to be busy but I am going to try to keep you all update as much as possible.

Promise to post pics of the bachelorette party if I don't post before then. Thanks for listening BFFs!

Happy Hump Day!


Bachelorette Party in the Nation's Capital - Need some help!!

Calling all my DC bloggy friends!!!

We are planning on going out in DC for my bachelorette party and we need some suggestions. There will be 12 girls and this is what we are looking for:

1. a fun/swanky place to have dinner- nothing too fancy but fancy enough and with a wide menu variety
2. a fun bar for after dinner- I prefer to stay away from anything that is too "college", I really don't want to share my night with a 21st birthday party!
3. I am opposed to any and everything that screams "bachelorette" party, not that there is anything wrong with male strippers and penis necklaces... they just aren't my thing.
4. oh and also a fun place to have before dinner drinks.

The places we've been considering/throwing ideas around are Oya, Zaytinya, Zengo, Lima, Park at 14th,anywhere on the Georgetown waterfront...

I am open to suggestions, any and all of them!!

Thanks :)


Mighty Monday

I am totally copying off one of BFF's Abby over at Babbling Abby and joining Mighty Monday!
In Abby's words:
Then I guess it's time to list the things I might have done since, well, last Monday! If you want to play too, simply make a list of things that you might have done and leave a comment so we can visit your blog and feel a little better about our own list ;)

I might have been on vacation all of last week and loved every minute of it

I might have eaten a cinnaburst or french toast bagel everyday of my vacation and I might smothered them in butter

I might have had dessert with both lunch and dinner every day of vacation

I might have become re-addicted to diet coke and I might have forgotten just how much I loved it, even with all that bad fake stuff

I might have only used SPF 8 some days because I might have been determined to come home with a tan

I might have taken my running shoes on vacation but never put them on

I might have made K buy me a raft so I could join him in the water while he was body boarding

I might have ended each and every beach day with a margarita

I might have decided that OBX is one of my favorite vacations, even with all the family time

I might have paid my library fine and taken out 5 new books, I might try to read them before the due date

I might be staring at messy coffee table right now and I might be avoiding a pile of laundry upstairs

I might have about 700 unread items in my google reader so it might be awhile until I catch up and finally comment on what all my Bffs have been up to in the last week

I might be sad that Tony and Jessica broke up but I might hoping that there is Nick and Jessica reunion in the future, even though I doubt it!

I might be excited to watch Secret Life of the American Teenager tonight

I hope you enjoyed my first installment of Mighty Monday- below are some vacation pics. Enjoy!

This might be K and I attempting to recreate the pic from my post below 4 years ago, but it might not have turned out. We'll try next year!



I am going on a much needed vacation with K and his family to the Outer Banks, NC!!! I am starting my vacation today and I promise to return with good stories, a dark tan (hopefully) and plenty of pictures on July 12th! Try not to miss me too much :)

This pic is from our first summer together in OBX 4 years ago, we look so young!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!


I'm a winner!!

I WON an awesome summer inspired giveaway from Jules at Pink & Chic!!! I am not usually a lucky person so I'm sooo excited about this!!! There is so much fun stuff in this giveaway I promise I will post it for you all to see so you can be jealous.

Thanks Jules for the fun giveaway- make sure you check out her blog, it's one of my favorites to read and it doesn't hurt that she's from the Philly area like my future husband so we share a love for some Philly sports teams!
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