Bachelorette Party in the Nation's Capital - Need some help!!

Calling all my DC bloggy friends!!!

We are planning on going out in DC for my bachelorette party and we need some suggestions. There will be 12 girls and this is what we are looking for:

1. a fun/swanky place to have dinner- nothing too fancy but fancy enough and with a wide menu variety
2. a fun bar for after dinner- I prefer to stay away from anything that is too "college", I really don't want to share my night with a 21st birthday party!
3. I am opposed to any and everything that screams "bachelorette" party, not that there is anything wrong with male strippers and penis necklaces... they just aren't my thing.
4. oh and also a fun place to have before dinner drinks.

The places we've been considering/throwing ideas around are Oya, Zaytinya, Zengo, Lima, Park at 14th,anywhere on the Georgetown waterfront...

I am open to suggestions, any and all of them!!

Thanks :)


  1. For a bachelorette here a few years ago, we went to U-topia on U St for dinner, which was really nice. The menu was good and they had fun drinks too!

  2. I always vote for Zaytinya! Love that place.

    I really love the rooftop bar at Local 16. http://www.localsixteen.com/

  3. I can't help with locations - but another blogger buddy on here did some really fun scavenger hunt in NYC. You could do the same in DC. She did 10 things the bride had to do that she normally wouldnt. Like write her phone number (almost) on a bathroom stall, wear a toilet paper veil... cute stuff like that!

  4. I planned a bachelorette party in DC for my friend last year. We got two hotel rooms in Georgetown so that we could just walk everywhere, we had dinner at Sequoias which was great then went to Old Glory and Third Edition afterwards for drinks and dancing. Both bars can be a bit cheesy and veer to the younger crowd but we had a great time being hit on by the 21 year old Georgetown students.

    The only thing I made the bride wear was a shirt that said "Future Mrs. XXX" no boas or tiaras or anything. I think everyone had a great time.

  5. I had a friend who bought me flashing and glowing penis earrings. I wanted to kill her. Oh, and she was my matron of honor. I didn't wear them. Like you said, so not me.

  6. Yay for Mighty Mondaying :D

    And, those jean shorts MIGHT have had rhinestones on the pockets...and they MIGHT have recently been donated to Goodwill!

    He he he...

  7. I just came across your site - can't wait to read more! you are TOO cute and I want your wardrobe. I was reading through your posts and I totally know where your friend Meg got married on the Eastern Shore by the picture! :) How was the wedding there? It's one of my 'maybe' venues if I'm ever lucky enough to tie the knot!

  8. fun! i don't have any ideas but good luck!


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